Now You Can Play SNES Games on Your PC and Smartphone

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If you want to know how to play your favorite Super Nintendo games on any PC and smartphone, keep reading.

In this article, we are going to discuss the main elements you need to set up a Super Nintendo on your computer and will teach you how to use it with smartphones.

Let’s make it clear. To play any cartridge game from 90-s on your computer or smartphone, you need two elements – roms snes (a game itself) and a SNES emulator. So, the first step would be to go to the website and download the emulator.

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Short Guide to SNES Emulators

After downloading an emulator, choose a preferable rom (or several roms). It can be anything suitable for Super Nintendo – Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Top Gear, Aladdin, Sonic The Hedgehog, etc. It is better to put both an emulator file and a rom file in the same folder. Extract them and open up the emulator.

In a new window, you will see a bunch of options, which can be easily changed if needed. Here you can configure your keyboard, choose the types of controls, etc.

To load the game go to «Game» – «Load» and choose one of the roms appeared in the open window. Click on the file and the game will be ready. Getting SNES emulator for Android differs a little bit. Actually, it is much easier than on a PC.

First of all, you have to find and install an app, which is an emulator for SNES in a GooglePlay Store. You have a choice whether to get a free or a paid version. They are equally good, so the choice is yours. Open the app, but don’t forget to download a rom first.

Make sure that your smartphone has enough space for both the roms snes and the emulator. The further steps are similar to the steps on a PC. On Android, the games run extremely fine, even better than on the PC.

roms snes
And the last but not the least is a short list of top 5 best Super Nintendo games ever:

1. Star Fox:

When the game was launched it became a revolution in the gaming world. The graphics of the game were absolutely insane and mind-blowing. The gameplay was really good.

2. Donkey Kong Country:

The game had quirky animations and created a realistic jungle atmosphere. The music was the second best element of this game.

3. Super Mario World:

It was a renewed version of all-time favorite series. This version had more additional heroes and more options.

4. Super Metroid:

A good game with a wonderful map system. The game had its own atmosphere and all the details were well-thought elements.

5. Chrono Trigger:

This was a real super game. The art, the graphics, the heroes, and the structure of the game were the perfect elements, which composed one whole game.

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