Now, You Can Avail All the SwiftKey Themes For Free on Android and iOS Devices

SwiftKey Themes Free on Android

With the holiday season coming up, the smart keyboard and prediction Tech Company, SwiftKey has made a big announcement that all the iOS and Android themes for its keyboard app will now be completely free for all its users.

While the iPhone users might have had many third-party keyboards over a couple of years, the Android users have been able to experience that luxury for quite some time. And amongst the most popular and preferred app of the third-party keyboards is the SwiftKey. The SwiftKey keyboard comes with a predictive dictionary which learns based on what the user writes, apart from providing the ability to swipe around the keyboard. After SwiftKey was made free even for downloading purposes, the primary monetization method for the app became selling its additional premium themes to the users.

However, SwiftKey is now all set to change that also by keeping in mind “the holiday season” and has made all its themes free for download to all users on both, the Android and the iOS platforms.

SwiftKey had sent an email to all its customers wherein it mentioned that the company was looking forward to spreading a little SwiftKey cheer. Apart from making all its themes available to the users for free, the company has also created an exclusive theme which, of course, will be available only for the SwiftKey customers who have paid to make purchases of the themes in the past. Such users will be able to avail the sleek and the one-of-a-kind theme at just a few taps on the mobile.

For Android Users

The users who are using SwiftKey on their Android devices will first have to enter into the SwiftKey hub by just tapping on or by sliding the hamburger icon to the left of the prediction bar. Once the user has reached here, they will have to open the panel reading ‘Themes’ and then select the ‘SwiftKey Store’. The users can find more than a 100 themes which can be used to customize the design and color of their SwiftKey keyboard.

Apart from these themes, the brand new ‘Vivid’ themes have also been added to the SwiftKey Store for Android, which, of course, is also available to the users for free. The new looks of the Vivid themes include the ones which come in bold shades and neon hues. These new Vivid themes will be followed by the launch of a redesigned SwiftKey Hub, which will come complete with all the new features like text expansion shortcuts which have been frequently requested by the users.

For iOS Users

For Those users who use the SwiftKey keyboard on their iOS devices will be able to access all the themes by looking out to the container app from their phone’s home screen and open it and then tap on the red ‘Design’ icon which is located at the top right. And Voila! The users can now pick the interesting one from the huge array of all the new free themes.

SwiftKey Themes Free on iOS Devices

So, Now the users who do not lose out on even a single opportunity to spruce up the user interface of their phones, even if it is just by a small bit that includes even the keyboard themes, will have something big to look out for with the SwiftKey, which is one of the most popular and the best keyboards on both Android and iOS, making all of its themes available for free. Though it was not exactly too much to pay a dollar for the old themes, the latest update does make it very easy to try out and experiment with many designs quickly without having to add up any cash.

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