Next Gen Mercedes SL May Sport Four Seater Setup

Mercedes SL

The latest report is that the next generation Mercedes SL could sport a four seater setup and is one of the first ever to feature it in decades.

The automobile manufacturer has shun the idea a very long time ago and it was never discussed in any of the interviews. Longtime fans of Mercedes had completely given up on the fact that they could actually do a four seater but it just happened out of the blue. The Mercedes SL is being designed by the team at Mercedes Benz and AMG. The model will use a front mid-engined platform and being a modular platform, it can easily be adjusted to suit specific needs. The new model will replace the existing GT but will be exceptionally stylish with a sporty design to go with.

Mercedes SL

Earlier update confirmed that the SL model will feature a power folding metal top that is more sturdy and should contribute a huge share to the car’s aerodynamics. The car’s four seater upgrade was however spotted by a German automobile magazine. With the magazine’s access to inside sources, we can hardly doubt their credibility. Besides, the designs look promising and the platform is large enough to accommodate four seaters at once. The decision to add a rear seat comes from the motive to distinguish the SL from the convertible GT, as two similar looking cars may affect sales.

Another surprising announcement is that the magazine suggests the next gen Mercedes SL will use a 4Matic four wheel drive setup. The base models will however use the known rear wheel drive system and buyers who are willing to pay more than the sticker price can go with the all-wheel drive setup. Under the hood, the car will power up with a 3.0-liter straight six engine capable of producing up to 365 horsepower. A higher end version of the same model will go up to 435 horsepower making it a powerful addition to the lineup.

Mercedes Benz SL

As with the brand’s tradition, Mercedes Benz-AMG SL will be offered as the SL 300, SL 400, and SL 500 models. The last one is the flagship edition powered by a 4.0-liter V8 engine. It can produce about 455 horsepower. There will be top of the line V12 engine, AMG tuned models as well which may be launched at a later date after the initial launch. The new Mercedes Benz SL is expected to be launched in 2020.

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