Nvidia Announces a Macbook Air-Sized 4K Gaming Laptop with GTX 1080 Card

Nvidia Macbook Air-Sized

The Computex 2017 event underway at the moment has ensured that technology enthusiasts is no short of interesting and exciting updates throughout the week.

After ASUS made their own announcements including a smartphone with 8 GB of RAM, Intel and Nvidia amazed the crowd with announcements of their own. While Intel’s i9 extreme edition is going to introduce a beasty 18 crores of processing power, Nvidia has finally brought relief to ardent PC gamers who wouldn’ t want to carry a bulky gaming laptop if they like to play some AAA titles on the go.

Macbook Air-Sized

Named as the Nvidia Max-Q laptop, the newly announced product at the Computex 2017 event is just the size of a Macbook Air. The slimmest that it could get especially considering the fact that it is powered by the biggest GTX 1080 graphics card on the inside. The entire range of laptops will hit stores from June 27th onwards, confirmed the team during the launch. CEO Jen Hsun of Nvidia said that the laptop which weighs just 5lbs that is capable of running Project Cars 2 at 4K resolution is at least 60 percent faster and more efficient than the PS4 Pro console.

That’s a huge blow on the console market especially if laptops could become so slim and easy to carry while having a mammoth horsepower on the inside. Nvidia will partner with some of the best manufacturers in the industry like Gigabyte, Asus, Lenovo, HP, Alienware and a dozen other companies to create laptops with different configurations. All of them will be really slim, lightweight an easy to use with the right level of heat dissipation for non-stop gaming. They will also be equipped with GTX 1050, 1060 and 1070 graphics card so as to lower the pricing of the model making it more affordable for the budget buyers.

Nvidia Macbook Air-Sized

The sample model showcased by Nvidia during the event and it also featured a Republic of Gamers logo confirming that Asus is going to be a premium player in this segment. The varied pricing will also bring it close to $800 or so which is still more expensive than a console but will offer the best 1080p gaming you could get with a GTX 1060 graphics card. If you are a demanding gamer who would never play anything less than 4K and will want VR support, the top of the line Max Q model is the one to go for which will be expensive without questions.

More details are expected to be unveiled during the ongoing Computex event.