Official: 2016 OnePlus 3 Approved for US Markets

2016 OnePlus 3

After much speculation about its availability in the United States, it looks like the OnePlus 3 will be available in the North American region sooner rather than later.

The device itself could be launched worldwide on June 14 after it was an officially confirmed by a company representative in a recent interview. Speculations of the various specifications in the device have been going on for quite a while. Even though they do not point out to a significant improvement over the OnePlus 2, it may be substantial to make a difference in the US markets where the OnePlus are already immensely popular.

Design is expected to be one of the major areas where the upcoming OnePlus 3 will be improved tremendously compared to the current generation. Even though the OnePlus 2 is a great looking phone, it cannot come close to the premium feel offered by the iPhone or high-end Samsung devices. Aspects like QHD resolution may be the talking point of the industry, but the OnePlus 3 is set to stick with its 1080p resolution seen in the predecessor. This may be a down side when it comes to the selling point.

One-Plus 3

The display may pump out lower resolution than some of the competition, but it should be remembered that the OnePlus 3 competes in an entirely different price range. The availability of the latest snapdragon 820 processor, large 5.5-inch screen, fingerprint sensor – which is even better than before –  and android 6.0 as default are some of the improvements expected on the OnePlus 3.

The phone is also rumored to come with a 16-megapixel camera in the rear, which will be assisted by an eight-megapixel front camera. The company’s CEO recently posted a picture, which was a good picture, from the front camera.

Even though it was widely speculated that the OnePlus 3 may be launched first in south Asian or Chinese markets before getting its feet into the United States, the device was expected to take some time before getting its US launch. It has just been given approval by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to be made available in the US markets. At the same time, more details about the device like availability, pricing, and specifications still remain in the dark.

It is also not known whether OnePlus will stick to the invite system, which has been viewed as being controversial in many aspects.

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