Official: AT&T Customers Can Use Wi-Fi Calling When Travelling Overseas

Wi-Fi Calling

If using Skype calling or even Google’s free voice calling is not an option for you, there is something great in AT&T with its Wi-Fi calling offering for iPhone users.

This actually the simplest way you can ever want to use to make a free call or exchange messages with your loved ones when on the go. As the name suggests, Wi-Fi calling is basically establishing a call connection via Wi-Fi network instead of using the regular cellular network.

This is a feature that was introduced for users of the iPhone back in 2015 when the iOS 9 was released. With Apple slowly rolling out incremental updates to this operating system that finally sees version 9.3 come into play, a lot has been added for those using the OS. The AT&T Wi-Fi calling feature is now more useful than it used to be, although this doesn’t mean it wasn’t useful at all before this update.

For anyone who is travelling to overseas countries and is using AT&T on his or her iPhone 6, iPhone 6S (including the Plus models), the giant American carrier will let you make free calls to all U.S.-based numbers from where you are. All you need is to find a Wi-Fi connection and that’s it.

There is still a catch

Even though AT&T Wi-Fi calling now lets users travelling abroad make calls back to their home country over a Wi-Fi network, there is a catch. Since the norm would see you pay a roaming fee in order to keep using your AT&T iPhone 6S Plus when abroad, the new package now allows the call to be placed through the internet. In short, you need to find a Wi-Fi connection for your device in order to avoid charges via airtime.

Wi-Fi Calling

Remember that calling a non-US number from your current international position will still attract the usual charges as calling the same international number from within the United States.

So, if you are using any of the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, make sure you’ve updated the device to the latest iOS 9.3 before you can take advantage of this AT&T Wi-Fi calling upgrade. Those using iOS 9.3 on the latest AT&T 24.1 Carrier Update are already in. For those who haven’t seen the new update and yet they qualify, plug the device back into iTunes in order to attempt updating the device again.

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