This Facebook Feature Will Alert You Whenever a Stranger Tries to Impersonate Your Account


Facebook wants you to be even more secure with your account, especially now that hackers are all over the web taking over users’ accounts without their knowledge.

The social networking giant is working on introducing a security feature that will warn users whenever a stranger tries to take over their accounts. With the growing reports of online harassments on the platform, there is no doubt that this move is needed.

The new feature is currently being tested and it will work automatically, alerting you whenever it detects any suspicious activity with respect to your account’s ownership. Whether someone is trying to use your profile picture or name, the feature will notify you.

How it works

The new security feature on Facebook is quite simple and easy to use. When the platform suspects any account of impersonation, you will be sent an alert with respect to the profile in question. The feature will let you identify the profile believed to be impersonating you.

This is an automated process where the notification is automatically generated and sent to you. However, once a given profile has been flagged as an impersonation, it will first of all be reviewed by the Facebook team before any further actions are taken. According to Facebook, this feature, which has been in tests since late last year, is already available on at least 75% of all Facebook accounts across the globe. However, the company wants to expand it more in the coming days so that all of its users can have the same level of protection against online harassment.

So, if you have ever fallen victim of impersonation, better watch out for this update.

Update meant for women on Facebook

According to the head of Global Safety at Facebook Antigone Davis, the new move is intended at bettering the experience of women on the platform as they are the most affected with cases of impersonations. The company added that this feature is actually part of an ongoing campaign to make women across the globe feel more about using Facebook.


The leading social networking site is also working two other safety features that include fresh ways of reporting non-consensual intimate photos that were banned from the platform back in 2012 as well as a photo checkup tool, which will help users know who can see their images.

At the moment, Facebook is running tests of these features in parts of South East Asia, Africa as well as South America. Soon, they will be live for everyone across the globe to access and use them.

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