Official LG G6 video Reveals 5 Major Features to Expect ahead of MWC 2017 Launch


The LG G6 is the next big thing to come from the South Korean company as far as smartphones are concerned and as it is, this will be going down at the upcoming MWC 2017 event in Barcelona.

LG will be launching the G6 at this tech show and just as the event date draws closer, the company has taken to its official LG Mobile Global channel on YouTube with a video that is basically telling us what to expect from the LG G6 when it is unveiled at the event.

In the video, LG is asking several people what they would want to see in a perfect smartphone. From what it appears, the features mentioned are what the LG G6 will be delivering to its users. In this line, we have summed up a total of five major features that you can expect to see on the G6 when it comes to life this coming month in Spain.

Bigger screen

Two people from the video note that they’d want to their phones to have a bigger display screen. Well, this is for sure coming their way after the company recently teased a 5.7-inch QHD+ display panel that is set to make its debut on the LG G6. According to reports coming from South Korea, the company has already confirmed this display panel will be used on the flagship, making it the same size as the LG V20 and 0.4 inches larger than the LG G5.

With a bigger screen, the LG G6 would be a beast when it comes to multitasking, playing games, watching movies and videos among other things.

Smaller body

Despite the fact that the LG G6 will ship with a bigger 5.7-inch display screen, the phone is expected to come with a body that is compact enough to allow easy handling of the phone, even in one hand. Samsung managed to deliver on this aspect with the Galaxy Note 7, but sadly, the phone did not last long. Hopefully, LG does not end up cramming a lot of power in a small-bodied device just so as to achieve this smaller body aspect. Still, it would be a huge welcome to have a device with a bigger 5.7-inch screen but with a smaller body.

Many phones out there are hard to fit in any pocket due to their size, something that makes them not easily portable and the same time easy to slip from one’s hand. With the LG G6, you don’t have to worry about this as the company has heard your cries!



Sony and Samsung have been treating their fans to phones that waterproof and just recently, Apple jumped onto the bandwagon with the release of the iPhone 7. Well, it seems the LG G6 will also be making this shift, joining the military-standard LG V20 in offering a waterproof design. Whether the tech giant will opt for an IP68 certification or something different is unknown, but this should be it.

Better camera

LG will reportedly use a wide-angle lens camera on the G6, with the dual-lens setup set to go on. This camera feature will mean the phone joins the likes of LG V20 and LG G5 in sporting a wide-angle lens snapper. Nonetheless, one thing that is for sure is that LG fans out there will be seeing an LG G6 phone that can “capture it all at once.”


Last but not least, LG G6 fans want a phone that can be termed as reliable, be it the performance, connectivity, battery life, camera quality and most important of all durability – all they want is a phone that can highly be depended upon in just about any situation. No one wants a phone they will spend half the time fixing or repairing because it has a broken screen or faulty battery, for instance. Instead, “reliable” is the word used to describe what the next LG flagship should or will be like.

Given that the G6 will ship with the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC and about 6GB of RAM, the flagship should indeed be one to watch out for this coming MWC 2017 event, especially with the company debuting its first QHD+ display resolution on this phone.

Here is LG’s official video on the G6 and the upcoming MWC 2017 event this February:


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