New Google Hangouts Update makes it Easier to Create Group Chats

Google Hangouts

Have you ever wanted to create a Google Hangouts group chat and ended up not doing so due to the complications with respect to where to start and end the whole process?

Well, if you have had trouble before with creating Google Hangouts group chats, the search engine giant has a new update just tailored for you. Apparently, the update will be affecting all users of the Hangouts application, be it on Gmail, the Hangouts website or even those who access it via the Google Chrome extension.

If you are on Gmail, the update will come with a new “+” button just beside the Google Hangouts contacts list. When you hit this button, you will be able to directly start a “New conversation.” The story is the same with the Chrome extension and website versions that also include a new conversation button. Unlike before, when this button is clicked users will be able to create groups, rename them as well as add new members at the same time.

While the change might look small, it definitely makes things much better when it comes to setting up a new Google Hangouts chat. In fact, Google is trying to make life a lot simpler as it has added a shareable link that can also be used by others to join the group chat, just like many other apps already do. This ability to generate sharable Google Hangouts links was introduced last year, but the search engine giant is only expanding its reach. With this link, you don’t need to keep sending group invites, rather, other people can simply use this link to join the group chat.

Google Hangouts

Even though this change is coming in to help you with the easy and faster creation of new group chats, it is also positioning Google Hangouts more as an enterprise app than a mainstream app. The company has been pushing the app towards this world ever since the launch of Google Allo and Duo as the two dedicated mobile apps for messaging and video calling.

This new update is currently rolling out to all users of Google Hangouts on the said platforms, but the company notes that this process is gradual and might take a few days before the changes appear on every user’s account.

Have you seen the new updates on your Google Hangouts application? Please share your experience with us via the comments.

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