‘Ok Google’ Detection Arrives For Google Maps with the Latest Android Update

OK Google

Google Maps is going to get even more useful whilst driving now.

It has finally received the much-awaited support for “OK Google” recognition with the latest update to the Android app. This basically means that the users can now precede the voice command on the smartphones with the hot word “OK Google” and ask Maps to start navigation, or to change the route, or even add another navigation route. So now, the drivers can just focus on driving with their hands on the steering wheel by just giving out voice commands to Maps for easy navigation.

OK Google

‘Ok Google’ for Easy Navigation

Bringing in support for Google Maps with the new “Ok Google” recognition will wipe out the need for the users to either touch their smartphones or even tapping the microphone icon to kick start the voice assistant. So now while the people are driving, they just need to tell “OK Google” out loud followed by the action which they need the Maps to perform, and the Google Maps app will dutifully oblige to fulfill the command.

The new update for Google Maps also brings in full voice assistance. This means that the users will now be able to ask basic questions to Google maps while driving like if you should take this particular turn, or how long the next turn ahead is. Even Speed commands like “Which road is this?”, “What is my ETA?”, “Navigate to go Home”, “Find gas stations ahead” etc. are now available to this latest update of the app. Bringing in support for all these basic commands to Google Maps will certainly be very useful especially while driving long distances.

Other New Updates for Google Maps

Apart from helping in navigation and following basic speech commands, Google Maps has also been updated to start a hands-free phone call while driving, send text messages, and even pick your choice of music and play them. it has also been programmed to respond to voice commands to avoid toll roads.

OK Google detection feature

The “OK Google” detection feature will get automatically updated for all the Android users as soon as their Google Maps app is updated. However, if it is not yet added to the updated app, then the users will have to head over to the Settings in Google Maps, look for “OK Google” detection and then enable it. The job should be done.

How Will the Updated Google Maps App Work

The latest update to Google Maps is a sign that the company is focusing on improving the app for pedestrians also in addition to the drivers. The updated app will now even display the local speed limits which will come as a part of its GPS journey guide. It will also show the road signs at the bottom corner of the mobile devices. These features come into action when the navigation mode of Google Maps is in use, and also while using Google’s very own car-centric Auto system for Android devices.

The display changes its form which refreshes to reflect whether the current route of the journey is a highway, or a country by-pass, or an urban road. The directional arrow which was earlier used to show the navigation proceedings in the Google Maps has now been replaced by a blue beam. A dot will indicate the user’s location, and the blue beam will point out from there to give a more precise and accurate path and guidance to make sure the user is heading in the right direction. The beam will also be capable of detecting the phone’s signal and also any issues with the Android device’s compass. Greater accuracy will show narrower beams, whose signal strength can be affected by barriers like tall buildings or even a metal beam in the way.

Google Maps App Updates

Just recently, Google Maps was revamped to give a more user-friendly outlook and design. The new changes in design and UI include a simpler and a cleaner look with a more balanced color combinations and schemes. A new feature called the ‘Areas of Interest’ highlights all the places where there are a lot of attractions, and activity places to do a lot of things for the tourists. These busy areas which are usually the areas of interest for foreigners and tourists will be marked in orange on the maps so that the users can zoom in, have a peek of the place, and make a stop if they wish to.

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