Old Android Application to blame for Google Pixel, Pixel XL USB Issues with Apple MacBook

Google Pixel

The Google Pixel phones have received rave reviews ever since they stepped into the light. The two phones represent Google’s first real attempt into the smartphone world after what can rightfully be called “trials” as far as the Nexus series is concerned.

However, ever since the phone’s release and subsequent software updates from Android 7.1 Nougat to Android 7.1.1 Nougat, there have been reports of quite a number of issues for users of these handsets. Whether it is the batterygate issue, camera problems, freezing of the phones or even manufacturer defects – all of these have been reported to Google via its Product Forums and other forums across the web.

In the recent past, Google Pixel and Pixel XL users have begun reporting that the phones have a problem when it comes to transferring files using an Apple MacBook via a standard USB-C to USB-A cable. According to some digging done by 9to5Google, it seems the problem has everything to do with an old Android File Transfer program that hasn’t seen an update since 2012. Back then, USB-C was not yet running the show like it does right now, which could be a major problem as far as this file transfer issue between Google Pixel and Apple MacBooks is concerned.

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Not all files being transferred between a Google Pixel and MacBook is experiencing the same problems. In fact, some complete the process seamlessly but others don’t. While it was initially thought that the stock USB-C cable of the Pixel phone could be the problem, 9to5Google notes that this wasn’t the problem. With the hardware having been ruled out, the only other option was to check the software side of things.

It was this further digging that unveiled the latest developments, finding out that the last time this Android File Transfer program was updated was back on October 15, 2012. Even though this problem might not be affecting a huge number of people out there, it is about time Google updated the entirety of its software and not just some aspects. Hopefully, this update comes out sooner than later.

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