OneCast Will Allow Xbox One Users Stream Games to their Mac

OneCast Xbox Games

The world of gaming is dominated by PC, PS4 and Xbox One but you just can’t write Mac and gaming in the same sentence.

The Apple machine has never favored games despite Steam’s best attempt to make many of their first-party titles compatible with Linux and Mac. OneCast is a brand new app that promises to make things better for Mac users.

Xbox One gamers experience the best of complete gaming as they have so many options when compared to the constrained environment on the PlayStation 4 console. You can choose to pay a meager sum of $5 or $10 to get the Xbox Game Pass, EA Access to get access to a huge library of games. Similarly, Microsoft being the owner of Windows 10 and Xbox One allows players to seamlessly stream their games to a PC so that they can play without disturbing the television in the living room.

The entire process is carried out with the help of an Xbox app on Windows 10. All you need to do is download the app, keep your Xbox One console logged in and it will instantly start streaming all your games on your PC monitor. Such a level of convenience cannot be experienced by Mac users so far but a new app named OneCast aims to make Mac a gamer-friendly platform for just $10.

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Before OneCast, users had to do some tinkering like installing Windows 10 using Boot Camp or Parallels to stream games on their Macintosh. The process, however, is bit complicated and not seamless as gamers experienced lots of bugs as well as laggy performance that made it tough to play fast-paced games. The app promises to offer the highest video output pegged at 1080p resolution.

When you cast your Xbox One games on Mac using OneCast, you can experience lag-free gaming or extremely low lag that is very hard to notice. You can choose to play your games in full-screen mode or windowed mode for improved frame rates and to avoid latency. The app suggests that once you install a firmware, you should be able to easily connect the Xbox controller through Bluetooth or USB. The feature allows gamers to stream games anywhere in their home or office without controller lag issues.

OneCast supports multiple Xbox One profiles and gamer tags making it easier to connect as many consoles as required in the same network. The app also lets you play your games remotely using the internet but it requires port forwarding and not the most convenient solution unless you are okay with doing all the tweaks.

You can download OneCast as a 2-week free trial and later purchase it for $9.99 but it’s about to go to the full price of $20 from April 1st onwards.

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