OnePlus 3 gets a Longer Battery Life with a few Tweaks to the Kernel

OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 may no longer be available for purchase after the company “killed” it with the release of OnePlus 3T, but the phone is still up there with its counterpart.

For those who got lucky to grab themselves the original OnePlus 3, there is some really good news for you. Apparently, the phone’s battery is set to get better thanks to a few tweaks to the kernel – tweaks that will mean you get up to 8 hours of screen-on time. What this means is that you will be able to actively use your OnePlus 3 for 8 hours before the battery dies. Of course, there will also be significant improvements for those who won’t be using the phone the whole time.

This is not the only thing you get from these kernel tweaks. Apparently, OnePlus 3 users will also enjoy performance improvements, thus meaning the phone will operate with without lag at all while maintaining a smooth user experience.

There is no doubt that this is a nice little update for OnePlus 3 users. However, be warned that this will not work unless your device is rooted. Otherwise, these tweaks cannot be applied to the kernel. Given the dangers associated with having a rooted device, it is recommended that this process should be undertaken by someone who is familiar with rooting devices and how it works.

Still, one will have to download a profile for OnePlus 3 interactive governor so as to make these configuration changes. The good side of the story is that once this interactive governor profile is downloaded and flashed, the kernel tweaks will be applied automatically.

OnePlus 3

Even though these kernel tweaks promise to give OnePlus 3 users a screen-on time of up to 8 hours, this will also be dependent on what exactly you are doing the whole time. For instance, gaming will not do you any favors as far as this battery boost is concerned. In addition, extended usage of the camera will also mean you get insignificant battery boost, even after the tweaks. In short, any activity that uses up all CPU and GPU resources in order to maximize performance will still use up the battery juice like usual.

But for those who don’t do heavy gaming and other resource-intensive tasks on their OnePlus 3 handsets, these tweaks should be a huge welcome. Be warned that there seems to be no room for OnePlus 3T as the developers of the tweak are specific that this is meant for the Snapdragon 820 variant. OnePlus 3T users a newer Snapdragon 821.

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