Revolutionary: Samsung DeX will turn your Galaxy S8 into a Fully-fledged PC

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to redeem the South Korean tech giant from the Galaxy Note 7 horror that saw the company reportedly lose more than $5 billion after recalling the phone twice.

A lot has been said about the phone, its new design language, the massive raw power that it will come with, a new AI Assistant called Bixby and the upgraded camera, among others. However, not so long ago, something new popped up via the same rumor mills and it’s called Samsung Desktop Experience or simply Samsung DeX. With such a feature, Samsung Galaxy S8 truly stands a chance of becoming a revolutionary device, especially since it will also be the first consumer smartphone to come with such a capability.

With Samsung DeX, Galaxy S8 users will no longer be dependent on their old personal computers that they only visit when they want to do some word processing or maybe consume other forms of media. But how? Apparently, the Korean tech giant is designing a special docking station that users of Samsung Galaxy S8 will use to connect the phone to a larger monitor, thus turning it into a fully-fledged personal computer.

This is still an unconfirmed report, but if it truly materializes, Samsung Galaxy S8 could change the way we have lived to know the mobile phone industry. The day-to-day usage of PCs for mainstream consumers will for sure change as this phone could easily replace these desktops and even laptops, especially when considering the amount of raw power that the phone will pack. When in desktop mode, users of the docked Samsung Galaxy S8 should still be able to carry on with normal mobile phone functionalities, including making and receiving calls as well as text messages.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The PC world has been changing a lot lately, especially with the entry of 2-in-1 tablets that double as portable PCs. However, given that these devices have been here for a few years and they haven’t really attracted a huge following, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 could be the real deal. It is possible that when docked, the S8 flagship will still be charging, thus eliminating the need to worry about battery power when in desktop mode.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be announced on March 29 and released a couple of weeks later in some markets, though. Apparently, this Samsung DeX will also be on display alongside the S8, but as for now, the details about either device remain unclear. Luckily, this won’t be for long.

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