OnePlus 3 Phased out In the United States after Six Months

OnePlus 3

In a surprising decision, OnePlus has decided to halt the sales of the OnePlus 3 smartphone in the United States and Europe markets.

The decision comes just a day after the company announced the new OnePlus 3T. The new device comes with a snapdragon 821 processor, bigger battery, and a new front facing camera amongst other minor improvements.

OnePlus 3

However, it is surprising that the OnePlus 3 is being taken off the market considering that the phone has been around only for a few months. Launched back in July 2016, there have been increasing rumors that the company has been unable to meet the demands for the OnePlus 3 due to various production constraints. It was seen as a major reason behind the company coming out with the OnePlus 3T. On the face of it, though, it seems to be a move designed to eliminate any loopholes.

The OnePlus 3 remains a great smartphone, but it had its limitations. The device did not have an excellent battery life largely down to the 3000 mAh battery. Even though the phone provides an extremely fast way of recharging the battery using the proprietary charger, it remains as one of the hindrances of the device. Furthermore, the eight megapixel front facing camera may sound excellent paper but it was not on par with the front facing cameras offered on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Still, the addition of the OnePlus 3T does provide an excellent portfolio in the OnePlus lineup starting with the OnePlus 2. So to remove the OnePlus 3 completely does not make any sense considering that it is cheaper than the OnePlus 3T by almost $80 when compared with the high-end version of the latter. The 64 GB version of the OnePlus 3T comes in at $440 – a $40 premium over the OnePlus 3 – but the version with a 128 GB comes in at $480.

OnePlus 3 Phased out In US

It may be awhile before the OnePlus 3 is removed from the online stores in the United States, thus still giving customers the option to choose for the older model. One of the attractive elements of the new phone is that it will be available with a gunmetal color option. Up until now, the OnePlus 3 has been available only in the graphite and soft gold color options. The new OnePlus 3T will be available in the United States from the next week onwards. Keeping in touch with recent times, no invites are required for the OnePlus 3T.

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