OnePlus 3 is the Reason Why OnePlus X will not be Refreshed

OnePlus 3 and OnePlus X

Following the launch of a new OnePlus 3 smartphone, company co-founder Carl Pei has lamented that lots of questions have been flooding in with respect to a 2nd generation OnePlus X.

The Chinese OEM has been making waves with its cheap but feature-packed smartphones that have been dubbed “flagship killers.” Two years since the release of OnePlus One, the company has now come in with the third iteration of its flagship line. The OnePlus One changed the general thinking people had with respect to premium phones, something that the new OnePlus 3 is determined to push further.

In its initial days, OnePlus was plagued with issues of untimely deliveries, poor customer service and a very annoying invite system that required one to be invited in order to buy the phone. This system continued for last year’s OnePlus 2, but things changed slightly when the mid-range OnePlus X was unveiled towards the end of the year. What happened was that OnePlus decided to open up the selling of the phone to everyone without an invite, but this only took place on a single day of every week.

With the launch of the OnePlus 3, the invite system has been scrapped and the company further claims that it has improved in areas of customer service as well as delivery, among others. In short, the company has now established a promising user base it can rely on with respect to its OnePlus flagships. The company seems to have assumed a position where it can now receive customer demands and take care of them without any constraints. While such a position would tempt an OEM to even expand further its product lines, OnePlus is taking a very cautious approach where it will only concentrate on one phone.

No more OnePlus X smartphones

Many were surprised when OnePlus X was unveiled last year. Contrary to their expectations, the company came in with an even better-performing phone. The X has a premium-looking metal and glass body that features a 5-inch Full HD panel that is paired with a Snapdragon 801 SoC and 3GB of RAM. Unlike its counterparts, it comes with support for expandable storage and it had a lower price than the 2015 OnePlus flagship.

OnePlus X

Expectations were high that the Chinese OEM will take a similar path this year, coming in with a new OnePlus X 2, however, it seems this is not going to happen. According to a company spokesperson, the company will instead focus on producing and selling more units of the OnePlus 3.

“We are very proud of the OnePlus X and happy that very many people love it,” the spokesperson commented. “Moving forward, we will focus on our OnePlus flagship phones, including the recently launched OnePlus 3.”

“We will still continue selling the OnePlus X as well as support all current and new OnePlus X customers,” the spokesperson added.

This just but confirms that OnePlus will not be refreshing the 5-inch lineup, at least for now.

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