OnePlus 3 OTA Update to Address Display and RAM Issues

OnePlus 3 OTA

OnePlus 3 has been hailed by many as the best smartphone from the company yet. It offers top of the table specs that you will have to pay dearly to get on other household devices such as Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and even HTC 10, a phone that it closely resembles.

The good side of the story is that the spec sheet on offer is only valued at about $400, more than $250 less than what you will need to get a new Samsung, LG, HTC or Sony flagship phone, just to name but a few.

Since its release, the phone has been facing some unwanted issues with respect to display and RAM, something that has raised concerns among current users of review units. The company’s community manager has gone public with the information that OnePlus 3 will be receiving a special OTA update that will come in to take care of these early problems.

According to the latest reports, the flagship killer has issues to do with the lack of sRGB color management as well as what experts term as sub-optimal usage of the massive 6GB RAM the phone packs. A report put forward by AnAndTech labeled the OnePlus 3 display as the worst ever, something that didn’t go well with the company’s co-founder Carl Pei. The Super AMOLED screen that is made by Samsung has not been set to sRGB color standards, something Pei claims was done intentionally in order to give users what they really need most.

In short, what OnePlus has done is to simply let users have control over their sRGB settings through standard controls, just like what other OEMs offering this screen technology do. Apparently, OnePlus 3 will receive an update that will see these settings added under the Developer Options, similar to what other OEMs do.

OnePlus 3 Gold

Another thing that the OTA will reportedly take care of is the aggressive memory management approach the OnePlus 3 uses. Just like with the other decision about the screen, Pei came to the defense of the move that sees users make use of a very small portion of the 6GB RAM. According to the OnePlus co-founder, the move was made intentionally in order to balance the user experience and battery usage of the phone. In essence, what this means is that rather than give you full performance, the company chose to offer better battery life instead.

As of now, the only OnePlus 3 units receiving the OTA update are those meant for reviews. Who knows, the company might decide otherwise depending on the outcome of the update on the review handsets. But still, there is a need to address these issues, especially now that lots of criticisms are coming in with respect to the 2016 flagship.

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