OnePlus 3 – Top Problems and Solutions for Frustrating Issues

OnePlus 3

 The OnePlus 3 was launched in June this year, but users are running into several frustrating problems.

Most smartphones run into similar issues, but it can be annoying for users. The OnePlus 3 is a well-made smartphone offered at a reasonable price. Here are the solutions for some of the common problems faced by users.

Push Notification

Users find that the push notifications are not functioning. They are not receiving a notification related to apps, messages and so on. Once the application is opened, there are several notifications that they have missed, but the phone does not push these alerts.

The company had rolled out the 3.2.1 update for the OxygenOS on July 15th this year. This update was able to address the notification problem. You can download and install the update for clearing up the problem. Check out the update in Settings and System Updates.

Random Restart Issue

According to some users, the smartphone begins to restart randomly without any reason, especially while users browse the web.

The solution might be to update to OxygenOS newest version 3.2.1. Though the update does not directly address the problem, it could be worth given a shot. You can also completely drain out the battery and leave it for a few minutes, then charge it again. Another solution would be to opt for factory reset to begin all over again. As a final resort, you can ask the company for a replacement or repair.

OnePlus 3

Problem in Updating

Many users are not able to download updates using Wi Fi. The solution could be turning of the device and then turning it back again, prior to updating. Another solution would be to download the 3.2.1 OxygenOS manually on the PC and then connecting the smartphone to the PC with the USB cable.

Issue with Overheating

Some users have found that their devices become very hot, either hwhen they have it in the pocket or when they charge it.

One obvious solution would be to stop usage while it is heated. The phone comes with the Dash Charge feature for charging the smartphone quickly, keeping the device cool at the same time. However, the feature needs the Adapter to function. This is available at a cost of $20 at the company website. Users can replace the charger or buy the Adapter.

When the phone is in the pocket, the fingerprint sensors could be the cause of the problem. The sensor keeps searching for the fingerprint if you keep the screen facing the leg. Just turn the phone away from the skin.

Notifications from Android Wear

Those pairing Android Wear with the phone have found that the watch does not show the message or call notifications.

One general solution is to update to the latest 3.2.1 OxygenOS update, as it has addressed notifications issues. It is also suggested that users update the app for Android Wear to the latest Restarting the phone could also fix the issue. Ensure that the Android Wear application is not included in Doze, which the phone enters to save battery.

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