OnePlus 5 Rumors – 3 Features that’ll make it the Ultimate Flagship Killer

OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 rumors and leaks have already started doing rounds as we near the expected release date of the 2017 flagship killer and successor to the OnePlus 3T.

Some of the features that have already been highlighted are impressive, among them a debut 5.5-inch QHD AMOLED display screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, a massive 8GB RAM, a 23MP main camera and a decent 3000mAh battery unit. The latest reports also suggest that OnePlus 5 will come in with a new design that includes thinner bezels and thus a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

There’s no doubt that these specs are quite intriguing, however, they are still rumors and not anything official from OnePlus. As for our side, we have just about three main features that we would like to see on the OnePlus 5 when it is unveiled possibly in June – feature that’ll indeed make the phone the ultimate flagship killer this 2017.

Dust and water resistance

Despite how good the OnePlus 3T was, one major thing that the phone lacked was dust and water resistance or rather IP certification. Given that many flagships are taking this direction, it would be a surprise to see OnePlus 5 not featuring any form of IP6X certification, even if it means IP67, similar to Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Dual-lens camera

Many Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ enthusiasts were disappointed when the phones came out without even a single variant supporting dual-lens cameras. Initially, it was thought that the Galaxy S8+ will come with this feature while the standard S8 would stick to the single-lens setup. But as you may know by now, none of these two has dual-lens cameras.

To stamp more authority on its status as the flagship killer, coming in with a dual-lens camera would make choosing the OnePlus 5 a no-brainer for many smartphone buyers out there, especially if the company is able to keep its price as low as usual. Speaking of price, this might actually be the factor that forces the OEM to stick to a single-lens camera.

OnePlus 5

Fast, wireless charging

Of course, OnePlus 5 should come with support for Dash Charge fast charging technology, just like OnePlus 3T and the year-old OnePlus 3. However, if wireless charging is to join the party, it would mean the tech giant ditches the metallic unibody design used on the 2016 flagships in favor of something else, most likely glass.

Some rumors are already touting a glass or ceramic back for the OnePlus 5, something that makes our wish even more possible. However, similar to dual-lens cameras, this feature could also mean the new flagship killer ends up with a price tag that is close to its prey, which is also something we wouldn’t want to see.

If OnePlus is somehow able to incorporate these features to the upcoming OnePlus 5 flagship while at the same time keep the price as low as possible, maybe at $500 or even below, little will be left to the imagination as to which phone is indeed the ultimate flagship killer.