OnePlus 5T price and storage options revealed ahead of next week’s launch, no wireless charging

OnePlus 5T

We’ve heard a lot about the upcoming OnePlus 5T, including the official launch date that will be happening next week, November 16th.

Despite everything that has come out, the price of the OnePlus 5T has remained elusive. A while back, a listing appeared on Oppomart claiming that the 5T will come in two variants with the price starting at $549. However, the publication’s poor track record meant that we took the information with a grain of salt. CEO Pete Lau recently suggested that the phone will be priced at below $600, but a new report by Tech Radar has clearer details of the price of the phone.

If the report is to be believed, the OnePlus 5T price will be the same as the original OnePlus 5, at least in the UK. According to the publication, this information came from a confidential document that is related to the country’s O2 carrier. In addition to giving out details of the price, the same document also revealed that the 5T will have two storage options of 64GB and 128GB, just like the OG 5.

In the UK, the OG 5 was priced at £449 for the base model and £499 for the high-end variant. If anything, these should be the prices for the two variants of the OnePlus 5T. Even though this information is specific to the UK, it is unlikely that OnePlus will stick to the same price in the U.S. and change the pricing of the 5T in other markets. With this in mind, we are of the view that the U.S. will also stick to the same prices of $479 for the base model and $539 for the 128GB model.

With other OEMs turning to wireless charging, OnePlus 5T will stick to Dash Charge for the time being, according to Pete Lau. Apparently, this technology is not right for OnePlus at this point in time, but the company will for sure look into it in future.

OnePlus 5T will be unveiled next week and start selling on November 21st.


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