Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t feature an in-display fingerprint scanner after all

Samsung’s Next Gen Chips Galaxy S9

According to a new report coming from Korea’s The Investor, Samsung Galaxy S9 will stick to a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, just like the Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

It’s only a few months remaining and the next big thing from Samsung will be ready. Unlike this year, expectations are high that Samsung Galaxy S9 will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in February and as you’d expect, hype is already building up courtesy of rumors and leaks.

We’ve already seen several of these rumors and even though they are just rumors, it’s how we’ve been getting to know about upcoming Samsung phones over the years. A significant number of these rumors have pointed out that the Galaxy S9 will feature an in-display fingerprint scanner. In fact, we’ve even seen patents of what appears to be a front-mounted fingerprint scanner on an alleged Galaxy S9, but it turns out this could be the Galaxy Note 9.

Apparently, reports coming South Korean claim that Samsung is not ready to start using the in-display fingerprint scanning technology on the Galaxy S9, rather, the phone should stick to using the same rear-mounted scanner similar to the S8 and Note 8. If anything, the technology should be ready for use on the Galaxy Note 9.

As at the time of this writing, Samsung Galaxy S9 is already in production and given the publication’s track record, it’s possible that it has had access to such information. Like before, there are technical difficulties that mean the technology won’t appear on the S9.

At the moment, it’s not easy to validate the claim that the in-display fingerprint scanning technology will be used on the Galaxy Note 9. We’ve seen how happy iPhone X users are with respect to Face ID, Apple’s Touch ID replacement while Samsung is already offering iris scanning on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. Given the two companies’ history, don’t be surprised if the Galaxy S9 and/or Note 9 come without a fingerprint scanner at all.


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