OnePlus 6 may be sold through U.S. carriers

OnePlus 5T Lava Red Edition

It’s a dream for every smartphone vendor to break into the U.S. market – a dream that almost came true for Chinese powerhouse Huawei but reportedly fell through due to political pressure.

Apparently, another Chinese OEM, OnePlus, has plans to succeed where Huawei failed. Talking to CNET, CEO Pete Lau said that OnePlus has plans to start selling its phones in the U.S. market through carriers. For a brand which kept its sales online until recently, this is a great step towards expanding its reach. In addition, now that more Americans know the brand, it only makes sense that future phones are sold through carriers.

OnePlus 5T remains to be one of the best phones on the market. The phone ticks nearly all the boxes for every smartphone enthusiast out there. It has a modern design, a big screen, powerful hardware specs and futuristic features and lately, the OEM has been doing a great job keeping their phones up to date as far as software is concerned. It gets even better when it comes to price, where your buck will for sure get the band that it deserves.

While OnePlus does confirm that it will start talking to carriers about selling its phones to American people, there’s no mention of the upcoming OnePlus 6 smartphone. Expected somewhere in May/June this year, the OnePlus 6 has big shoes to fill, but this has been the case all throughout the company’s short existence.

One thing that the CEO has already confirmed about the OnePlus 6 is that it will be powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor, just like other top flagship phones. But as for the rest of the specs, your guess is as good as ours.

It would indeed be a welcome move for many fans if the upcoming OnePlus 6 came to America through carriers. Not only would it be a benefit for the fan base, but also for the company. We all know that most Americans buy their phones through carriers and if OnePlus were to succeed where Huawei failed, it won’t be long before surpasses other major names in the industry and becomes one of the leading smartphone sellers in the world.

The failure of Huawei is associated with the company’s ties with the Chinese government. However, this doesn’t mean that any other Chinese OEM can’t sell its phones through American carriers. ZTE is already doing it and so is HTC, although the latter is technically a Taiwanese company.

Would you wish to see the OnePlus 6 come to your favorite carrier later this year? Let us know in your comments below.

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