WhatsApp is testing a ‘super admin’ feature ahead of release


WhatsApp recently received a feature that lets users easily switch between a voice and video call, but this is just one of the many features the company has been adding to the chat app lately.

In fact, WhatsApp has been showing more focus on group features than before and the latest feature that is currently being tested is the super admin. Not exactly the name, but the levels of access and what one can do is what makes this feature fit the ‘super admin’ moniker.

According to WABeta Info, WhatsApp is working on a feature that will change or rather improve the admin experience of those managing groups. Not so long ago, the app started testing privacy features for group admins and later followed it with group voice and video calls. However, in the latest update, which has seen the feature go live in WhatsApp Beta for Android, group admins will now be able to demote other admins from their roles.

Of course, you already know that a single WhatsApp group can have multiple admins. An admin can promote another group participant to the admin role but once this happens, the same person cannot relegate the promoted participant back to their previous level. In order to relegate them to the participant level, the admin has to remove the person from the group and re-add them.

Well, in the new update, this won’t be the case. Apparently, one admin will be able to dismiss another admin without the need of removing them from the group. It gets even more interesting as one can remove the creator of the group from the group using a “Remove from group” option, however, this will soon be changed so that the group owner isn’t removed.


If you are using WhatsApp beta, make sure you have version 2.18.12 and above. We don’t know when the same will hit the beta channel, but it shouldn’t be long. As for those on iOS, the company is also testing the same feature and it will start rolling out soon.

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