Opera Now Lets You Message on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger within the Browser


With Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome dominating the field, Opera browser still has a long way to go before becoming the favorite for all users.

The developers are doing every possible idea and this one seems good too even though it’s experimental.

The latest version of the Opera browser has undergone some major and useful changes. The overall UI has been changed with some animated icons that should make browsing more fun. The way the icons are portrayed looks nice and the positioning is much more intuitive that it used to be. With the help of a plugin, users can now browse and access important communication apps without having to open them in an individual window every time.

Opera on Facebook Messenger

Everything is now built directly into the browser interface. At first, it was used in Opera’s Neon a highly experimental version of the browser that tries to go as wacky as the interface would love. The base version of their browser has now received this as an icon within the interface. If you open the program, you will find that there are Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger icons. One click on them and you will instantly be able to communicate with friends, family or work colleagues without having to login to different windows.

The most common shortcut people use is alt tab to keep switching between multiple windows but Opera developers believe that what they offer is unique and it is something we can’t refute because they may be right. A lot of innovative ideas that made Google Chrome popular today originally started as the most criticized ideas of them all. Once people get used to easier ways to access the chat apps they need, it is much simpler to message and will also become the norm that every other browser would follow.


Opera Reborn is the name for the new update as the team believes it has lots of new things to provide their users. The developers have already included some handy new features like built in unlimited VPN, an ad blocking tool which is something Firefox and Chrome could consider adopting. With VPN, it’s easy to access a whole lot of useful websites that are blocked. The latest update has the WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger icon on the left hand side. Just click, login and you can start messaging whenever you need to. At least, it should save yet another click on your mouse or give your thumb rest from the frequent alt tabbing!