Operation7 Revolution PS4 Exclusive FPS Game Now Open for Pre-Registrations

The PlayStation 4 exclusive title, Operation7 Revolution is a military multiplayer first person shooter game.

The title that has created so much hype already is now open for pre-registration from specific regions.

The promotion will commences today and will be open in Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and other Asian countries. When you sign up for the game, you are bound to receive some specific rewards. The game developers will offer 10,000 in-game cash that can be used to purchase items online once the Operation7 Revolution is out in stores. The promotion will continue till the 22nd of January and you have enough time to sign up.

Operation7 Revolution Pre-registration

After the promotional period, everyone who owns a Playstation 4 console or the PS4 Pro can check out the FPS multiplayer game in the open beta program. While the 10k cash is only for those who sign up during this specific period, everyone else who plays the game during open beta will receive specific amount of cash. The Operation7 Revolution is the grand sequel to the first Operation7.

The first person shooter title may not be familiar to the Western audience because it is hugely popular among players in Asia and Europe. There are equally ardent fans who play the game in South America. The latest version of the title promises improved graphics, new gameplay features and allows players to modify the weapon as they prefer. It gives more control over each battle and unique weapons can be used in different ways to achieve your final objective.

All the most popular maps for the game like Power Plant, Rush Challenge and Rooftop are available in the new version of the game. The Rooftop is now designed to offer more combat experience, more place to fight. The game supports 16 player multiplayer matches, 8 versus 8 that leads to intense firefight.

Operation7 Revolution

Players will also be able to create clans or join other clans so that they can fight as a group. A new Lean mode is now part of Operation7 Revolution on PS4. A bunch of screenshots were released on the official Playstation 4 blog that gives us a good idea of what to expect from the game. The developers added that they have made some modifications to the overall gameplay so that this particular first person shooter is designed to work seamlessly on consoles. Titles like Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty may have control glitches but this PS4 exclusive won’t have those. We will know when the beta is live today.

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