Over 53 New Emojis Heading to Android O and Older Versions of the OS

Android O New Emojis

Bringing new emojis to the operating system is never going to hurt.

After all, users are always looking for new ways to express themselves and these colourful faces on Android would just add spice to the communication medium.

With so many emojis, for the average user who hardly sends messages or spend time browsing them all would be really confused. For hardcore fans, it is what they have been waiting for so long and the developers have finally listened. A lot of different faces and expressions were mulled over before the official list of 53 new emojis were released by Emoji 5.0. The information has been revealed on the popular, official page Emojipedia.

Android O 53 New Emojis

Google may choose to remove some of them or add newer ones so as to make their Android O operating system on par with Apple. Besides, their ultimate goal is to go beyond what the Cupertino company offers. The entire list has been provided in a chart for your convenience but some of them will be missing. The most popular and the ones that could work in your everyday usage would be face with hand on mouth, vampires, crazy face, elf, zombie, chopsticks, flying saucer, coconut and the funny looking t-rex among other dinosaur inspired emojis.

If you have enough time, go through the list and know if you could find the ones that you love more than others. Considering the number of emojis already available on Android, this would probably increase the numbers by many fold. Finding the one you need unless it is being frequently used is definitely going to be a tough call. Android O which is the upcoming operating system from the brand Google is expected to have easier search options to find what user needs, as and when they need them.

Android O New Emojis

The Android O operating system is currently running as a preview on the Pixel smartphones. The screenshot has been captured on the device which gives a sneak peak into the funky emojis created by the developers much before its official reveal. The catch in here is that it may not be immediately available on all phones because manufacturers get to decide whether they plan to implement Unicode 10.0 which is essential for the bunch of these emojis to work as intended. Android O is expected to get launched later this year and we will know which phones will receive these 53 new emojis.

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