WhatsApp Will Soon Allow All File Types Through Sharing


Apart from the whole load of features the developers of WhatsApp plan to roll out, the company has also decided to make file sharing easier for users.

As years pass by, more and more companies are using WhatsApp as their primary means of communication. The ability to access the app through WhatsApp web makes it easier to open it on any desktop and keep tying messages on it all day long without having to slow down. Apps like Skype, Hangouts are still there but this one has found such an important place. When it comes to productivity, support for all file types is mandatory so that it is easy to send whatever you need at the right time.

WhatsApp Allow File Types

The current version of WhatsApp is nowhere being small because it already supports a wide range of file types including doc, ppt, xls and the most frequently used types. However, there are still some limitations as the app was not originally designed to be so productive. It was supposed to be a communication medium for the average user and not demanding business establishments. The way even the average customer uses a smartphone has changed in time which is why it has now become essential to support more number of files and formats for ease of use.

When using WhatsApp, you can send a 100MB file on Android, 128MB file on iOS and 64MB when using the web version of the app. Apart from these, one of the most important file formats for Android users, APK files along with a couple of other unconfirmed formats can now be shared through the application. The developers didn’t confirm the number of new formats they are going to support. The feature is now being tested to confirm if it works as intended on all devices without any difficulty. Soon, it will be rolled over to users worldwide making WhatsApp more efficient and reliable.WhatsApp

The team is also working on introducing new features like live location sharing, payments and the ability to send structured messages. Some of them are primarily being designed for enterprise customers while the ability to pin a particular chat on top is for users who need to keep track of so many contacts, messages as well as keep track of the multiple groups they are in. WhatsApp has grown many fold in the past few years and such features are essential to make the app intuitive to use.

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