Overheating, Battery Drain Issues on Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and S6 Solved

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung has been in the limelight in the recent past for different reasons. However, the major has been the issues related to the Galaxy Note 7 and its recall.

Besides this, there are complaints coming in from different users of Samsung Galaxy devices with respect to overheating and excessive battery drain issues. This has even led them to go to Reddit to air their issues and apparently, there is a working solution for this problem, be it for those using the older Samsung Galaxy S6 or the newer Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

According to one victim, a Verizon-based Samsung Galaxy S7 could not keep up with the battery drain when fast charging is used. Even after doing multiple reboots and wiping the cache, nothing changed. Another user noted that the phone died in just 3.5 hours while another was quick to note that his phone was about to “go nuclear,” suggesting that the phone is overheating.

This Reddit grew to include users of devices other than the Galaxy S7, accommodating the likes of Galaxy S7 Edge as well as last year’s Galaxy S6. The problems being reported on these units are somewhat similar to what has been happening with the Galaxy Note 7, which eventually led to a massive recall of the phone.

The good side of the story is that there is a possible solution for this issue. Apparently, the issue is being associated with a recent update to the Oculus apps. When one user tried uninstalling every Oculus app, the issue was solved – no more overheating and battery drains issues.

Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S7

The Reddit post went viral and apparently, many Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and S6 users that were experiencing the problem are now at peace. Oculus has been made aware of the issue and apparently, it recommends users of these devices to first of all uninstall Oculus Home and then follow it with Oculus Rooms. Once the old updates have been removed, a new one will be automatically installed, which comes with a fix to this issue.

Several reports have emerged in the recent past with respect to Samsung Galaxy units catching fire. Other than the Galaxy Note 7, it has reportedly happened with the Galaxy S7 Edge as well as a Galaxy Note 2. However, now that it appears other forces might be at work as far as the causes of these fires are concerned, it is recommended that you always ensure the latest versions of apps are installed on your phones.

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  1. I also experienced severe battery drain with my Galaxy S6. Tried everything suggested to no avail. Until the first upgrade to Android 6.01 at the beginning of 2016. Afterwards, continued leave Bluetooth off as well as Facebook, since I didn’t need either of those two active. Prior to the upgrade the battery would drain within 4 hours after a 100% charge (sitting idle). Since, it lasts 12 hours with active use and 18 hours sitting idle. Very satisfactory for me.

  2. My S7 doesn’t have these apps as it is a UK device on O2, but I found that using certain websites on Chrome triggered heating and battery drain. Now I have disabled Chrome and use the Samsung browser, it appear to have resolved the issue. I hope Chrome improves because I prefer it.

  3. A friend of mine with a Galaxy S6 Edge also resolved his overheating problem by uninstalling the MotoGP application from his device.

  4. I’ve personally experienced this, but it was with Google Play Services rather than the VR software. Play services would not stop downloading whatever was downloading, and thus caused the battery to drain at an alarming rate. I’ve then proceeded to restart, clear cache, clear history with google, and then restarted google play services. I came to this conclusion by observing the most operated software in the OS that is taking up the most amount of memory, and then done a process of elimination… In the end it was Google.

  5. My Galaxy S7 Edge melted down while on the charger. It according to Samsung is not covered by warantee. A second S7 Edge from the Insurance did the same thing. Buyer beware Samsung is ignoring this problem util some ones catches fire and explodes. I have photos and description of the problem. No new Apps were installed on either phone. Verizon says its a Samsung problem. Meanwhile they continue to charge for the Samsung connection which is useless.

  6. Paid $600 for my s7. Worst phone ive ever owned! Burnt my hand causing me to drop it. Have to put the damn thing in my freezer at least once an hour if i want to use it for more than calls. What an expensive piece of junk! Discusted with it.

    1. Did you call Samsung? My phone was hot to touch and making hissing sounds while charging and Samsung claims this is “very rare” and ATT refused to allow me to exchange for different brand phone The more people complain, the better the odds someone will actually do something!

  7. My s7 overheated, but the problem for me was the xposed I had installed and I undid it and no overheating but I am pretty new to the phone so it could be coincidence.

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