Overwatch Competitive Mode Is Coming Now, New Maps and Heroes Confirmed

Overwatch Competitive Mode

Blizzard Entertainment developer Overwatch is a fan favorite multiplayer battle arena which is going to get a cool competitive mode.

The mode was already playable in the beta and is now going to get officially launched. For those of you, who were wondering the changes that might be implemented, a developed video is released on Youtube to answer it all. Many players opined that the competitive mode wasn’t so competitive as it was supposed to be. Developer Kaplan explained the changes they are making to make the title more engaging than it is already now.

Blizzard has decided to entirely remove the tier based progression system in the competitive mode. Overwatch will start correlating a player’s matchmaking rating with their skill rating so as to pit the right teams against each other. Players will also have the freedom to visit and review their skill rating as well as of others. The feature is similar to the one available in Dota 2 among other MOBAs.


A particular team’s average skill rating will also be displayed publicly so that you can know whom you are playing against. In case, there is a huge mismatch, it is easier to report the same to the developers. The rating of an individual or a team will go down at some point when they are on a losing streak or doesn’t do their best in a couple of matches. It might push casual players off the grid but serious gamers are surely going to enjoy this new addition.

The number of sudden deaths that happen in Overwatch is monitored and reduced to the bare minimum. The competitive mode will be divided into season and players can earn cosmetic rewards for taking part in matches during the particular period. The most skilled player of the lot will be rewarded with golden weapons and special cosmetic items.

All Overwatch seasons will run for a period of three months making it easier for players to enjoy their rating and raking for longer periods. Kaplan added that they have planned to introduce new heroes and newer maps with more scope for competitive plan. Blizzard is spending plenty of resources to monitor the gameplay and comments received from players.

The developer has promised to tweak and make changes to the game so as to make it as balanced as possible. However, he admitted that it is a never ending process that will run throughout the lifetime of the game.

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