Galaxy Note 7 with Model Number SM-N930F Shows up on Official Samsung Website

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Almost a month ago, a leaked model number SM-N935G showed up on an import listing website, something that led to suggestions that the South Korean company is working on an edge variant of the upcoming Galaxy Note 7.

The news was even substantiated by the fact that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a model number that looks very similar to what had been leaked – SM-G935. While this is easy to believe, there have also been other similar claims, but this time suggesting that Samsung will roll out a single model number for all Galaxy Note 7 units across the globe.

It gets even worse as even newer claims suggest that Samsung will be coming in with a dual-edge variant, an idea that is backed by a leaked image that carried the phrase “write on the edge of something great.” The image also further confirmed that the next Note will indeed drop the number “6” in favor of number “7” in order to match with the naming of the current flagships in the Galaxy S series.

If all the latest shreds of evidence are to be considered, no one would argue with the idea that a Galaxy Note 7 Edge is indeed in the making. However, there is an even more interesting revelation that has just come in, claiming that the Korean tech giant may still be working on a flat screen Galaxy Note 7.

Apparently, Samsung’s official website has showcased the model number SM-N930F, but no details have been given regarding the handset that carries this number. Looking at past numberings, there is no doubt that the leaked model number belongs to the upcoming Galaxy Note phablet. Last year’s Galaxy Note 5 had model number SM-N920 whereas 2014’s Galaxy Note 4 came in with model number SM-N910. It then follows that model number SM-N930F is meant for the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

One thing that points to a flat screen Galaxy Note 7 is the lack of a ‘G’ in the leaked model number. As mentioned earlier, the Galaxy S7 Edge has a ‘G’ in its model number and with the new number missing this identifier, it leaves us with the conclusion that this upcoming Galaxy Note 7 will be a regular one and not a Galaxy Note 7 Edge as previous reports have indicated. Still, reports coming from the company’s home country are still adamant that the flat screen variant may not be released.

As a result of this uncertainty, it is recommended that you take this news with a grain of salt.

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