Overwatch Competitive Mode Mismatches Players, Negative Comments Pour In

Overwatch Competitive Mode

Overwatch developed by Blizzard is the most popular MOBA of the season and the third person shooter/ strategy title gained so much hype in such a short period.

It even managed to dethrone the long running League of Legends in specific regions where players are impressed by the graphics, the gameplay mechanics and the unique set of heroes available. Even though, the game is relatively small in comparison with very few maps and select heroes, it is growing at a rapid pace. Blizzard confirmed that they are working to make it amazing and as promised, the company rolled out the competitive mode. It is supposed to be a professional arena for Overwatch players who like to pit themselves against the best in the game.

Ever since its official launch, numerous complaints have been pouring in and people often complain that they are being mismatched with the wrong level of players. The matchmaking is done automatically. It takes a lot of factors into account including number of wins, losses, skill level and overall performance of the particular player. Obviously, in some scenarios, people will be competing against those that are much better. They could easily thwart them to lose the round and multiple rounds, based on the map they pick.

Overwatch Competitive Mode Mismatches Players

It became frustrating for many that led to these negative comments about Overwatch competitive mode. If you are one among many, it is important to understand that the game developers can never completely control the matchmaking. When random players join the server, all they could do is match their skill rating and wins so as to put them against someone of equal level. In many scenarios, those who aren’t so competent and those with excellent skills will be in the same team. The idea is to balance the game but it also ends up in a bad experience for the team as a whole.

Developers at Blizzard has confirmed that competitive mode is a relatively new area and it is only for serious gamers. Those who feel enraged at losses or reduced ratings for every round should probably focus on the casual modes available in Overwatch. At the same time, the development team has also promised to tweak and make changes in the mode so as to make it challenging, not frustrating. Competitive modes in Dota 2 and League of Legends are popular for many years but they are equally toxic. Overwatch should face these obvious hurdles before it grows into something bigger.

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