HTC One A9, One M9 and 10 – To Bite Off the Nougat Soon

HTC One A9

HTC has reconfirmed that the One A9, the One M9 and the 10 would get the latest Android N update.

After the announcement of the name Android Nougat by Google, HTC again reiterated the statement. However, it is not known when the update will actually start rolling out to the devices. HTC has also stated that the time of the release can only be confirmed when Google starts shipping the new software to the manufacturers.

Android Nougat for HTC Devices

Google has finally confirmed that the name of the new software, which was till now called Android N, will be Nougat. The company, HTC, had posted the confirmation on Twitter. However, the HTC devices that are being soled by US carriers must get the approval of the carrier before the update can be sent out. This could take a few months in some cases. Those having unlocked devices of the abovementioned HTC phones are likely to receive the Android Nougat update earlier.

Not Surprising

Though it is nice to see that HTC has reiterated its statement regarding the update for these devices, the company has not mentioned the time as yet. It is not surprising that the new Android Nougat will be available for the HTC 10, as this is the flagship phone of the company at present.

HTC 10 and HTC One M9

Reassuring News for Users

When the company launched the A9, it came with Android Marshmallow, 6.0. At the time, there were very few devices, apart from Google Nexus phones, that were running the version out of the box. The One A9 is not a flagship phone but a sub premium one. Users of this phone might have been worried regarding the new operating system and whether it would be available for their devices. However, they can now be reassured that the sub premium phone will also receive the latest software version of Android.

As for the One M9, it was released as a flagship device last year. It came with the Android Lollipop, 5.1 version. It was later updated to the Marshmallow, 6.0 version. Now, users of this device will be happy to know that they will get the second Android update on their phones. It might also very well be the last major update for their phones.

Big Question Remains

The big question still remains regarding the time of the update for all these three devices. HTC has not made any specific mention of the dates, but it is likely that the unlocked devices will obtain the new software by the end of 2016. During the last year, the unlocked devices received the Marshmallow update by December, so this seems likely. It is also not known what will happen to other devices of HTC and whether they will also receive the new Android Nougat update. However, this does not mean that other devices of HTC will not get the update. Users of other devices must be patient and wait their turn. Other companies have still not confirmed the update for their devices, but they are also expected to follow suit, especially in case of flagship devices and those that have been released this year.

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