Overwatch Developers Tease Gamers With Clues About New Hero


A new image released by a fan claims that developers at Blizzard are busy teasing players by dropping new clues about an upcoming character.

Ana, a sniper healer got launched recently and it is yet to be out for the PS4, Xbox One console. There has been bits and pieces of information related to an upcoming hero named Sombra. He is a stealth hero and there has been continuous information being leaked. Most players thought he would be launched first. However, it was Ana who made it to the game and is already so popular among the gaming community.

The leaked information comes from a Reddit user who has managed to split the teaser video into many parts so as to find the hidden message. In the developer video for Ana, a short static beep and horizontal lines can be spotted. Ardent lovers of Overwatch decided to decode it using software programs and took the frames apart. When the vertical lines are removed and used under a barcode reader, it leads to a hidden message.

The message is in Spanish and when translated, it reads as, “Was that easy? Now, I have your attention. Let us make things more difficult now.” Sombra is a stealth hero and his name denotes a shadow in Spanish.

Overwatch Developers Tease Gamers With Clues About New Hero

Blizzard, being the creative developers they are, tried to hide the entire information so as to represent the hero they are working on. For the team, it took about four hours to decode the information available in the video and connect it to the character Sombra. When the developer team was contacted to provide an explanation, they just mentioned that it might be clues from the character and they don’t have anything to do with it.

They even added that Sombra has always been a stealthy hero and will let people know when the time comes. He is not going to spoil the surprise by being out earlier but only when they need him.

While it has been all clues and puzzles for now, it won’t be long before Overwatch developers Blizzard talk about the new hero and launch him. It should expand to the rooster to a total of 22 which is still small but does have the potential to grow exponentially throughout the years. The game has received positive response from gamers of all strata which is a good sign to start off with.

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