Samsung Fixes Galaxy S7 Active Waterproofing Issue

Galaxy S7 Active and the Best water resistant Android phones in 2016

Recently, Consumer Reports revealed that Samsung Galaxy S7 Active was actually not waterproof as the South Korean company claims it to be.

The phone failed tests that were administered by Consumer Reports, with many other players going on to make similar tests. Surprisingly, it was indeed found that the Galaxy S7 Active has a flaw that makes it not waterproof as expected. The phone comes with an IP68 certification, meaning that it can survive up to 30 minutes of being dipped in water of up to 1.5 meters. But according to the tests carried out, this was not the case as the phone ended up damaging and even dying as a result of coming in contact with water for the said period.

In a bid to save its year, a year that has seen huge success come the company’s way thanks to the magnificent Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the South Korean company has moved in swiftly with what is meant to be a fix for the Galaxy S7 Active waterproof flaw. Apparently, the company says that it found an issue with the production line that specifically deals with the Galaxy S7 Active model. As a result, it has taken care of the issue and in case of any person who has a damaged S7 Active as a result of water, there is new handset waiting for you under the standard limited warranty offered by the company on its devices.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Samsung usually offers a one-year warranty and there is a water submersion guideline for the IP68 certified Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and the Galax7 S7 Active.

In case you didn’t know, Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is the tough and rough version of the standard Galaxy S7 and it is exclusive to AT&T. While it trades the beautiful and sleek metal and glass design of the standard handset, it adds a rugged body that makes it suitable for those who love outdoor adventures. On the inside, it keeps the same hardware specs as the S7, in addition to the camera and fingerprint details. However, Samsung packed a larger 4000mAh battery unit in the S7 Active to ensure that outdoor lovers get the longest battery life possible.

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