Overwatch is About to Get a Huge New Update, Here’s the Details

Overwatch Update

Overwatch is about to receive a huge new update and the developers have started testing it in the public beta channel.

While many of the changes will go into the beta when it’s officially released, some of them may not. But, we do have a fair idea of what to expect when it goes out in the near future. With the update, the developers are bringing static camera to those who watch the game in spectator mode. The list is really long but here are some of the hero changes, highlights and general changes being made to Overwatch with the new patch update.

Overwatch Update

Players who play the game on PC platform can enter the public test region manually and see the changes made. Console gamers on PS4 and Xbox One should wait until Sony and Microsoft officially allows the developers to roll out the update to their respective consoles.

Apart from bringing static camera, you can edit your team names in custom game mode. Being a long range sniper, Ana is usually tough to spot. Blizzard has made it easy by adding a brand new voiceover which informs players whenever they are hit by Ana. Reinhardt’s barrier failing voice will now occur frequently than before to alert the team. The volume of Hanzo’s Dragon strike line when he is dressed up in lone wolf skin has been increased. Players also have the ability to pause a custom game.

Some changes are made to Ana in the new patch. Even though, it is widely accepted that she is not an overpowered hero in the game, her ultimate skill recharges too fast which can give a team an unfair advantage. It has now been increased by 20% to create a slow down while the radius her biotic grande covers is increased by 3 to 4 meters. Ana can now hit multiple targets because of the increased radius of her grenade.

Junkrat’s RIP tire ability now activates quickly than earlier and the scoping in-animation time for Widowmaker’s Widow’s kiss has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.3 so that players could aim and take down their targets quickly. A lot of UI changes can be spotted to Overwatch’s social, main menu and other screens. Developers have not listed them individually but they should allow a seamless experience, making it easy to find what you want.


Two different aiming modes have been introduced for game controllers. You can switch between a dual zone and an exponential ramp mode. The latter is the old one while the new mode lets you move the analog sticks with reduced sensitivity and increased acceleration. It’s targeted towards those who need precise aiming. Read more about the bugs and other changes which part of the update in their official blog.


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