Overwatch Is About To Get A New Hero at Comic Con Expo


The hero rooster in Overwatch is kind of limited at the moment but it’s about to get a new addition. The announcement is expected to take place at the San Diego Comic Con Expo 2016.

Blizzard, developers of Overwatch is going to have their own panel at the Comic Con as they do every year. The event is one of the interesting moments for Warcraft, Starcraft and fans of games developed by the company. In addition to the popular competitive classics, Blizzard now has Heroes of the Storm, a Dota 2 competent and Overwatch to its list of titles. If a new hero for the game is to be revealed here, it will be an exciting time for players who are presently enjoying the newly launched competitive mode.

The Comic Con event at San Diego is about to take place on July 21st. Official documents suggest the powers and the abilities of the upcoming hero. It’s more of a teaser as the developers obviously would like to keep players at the edge of their seats before revealing it in a grand manner.

Overwatch team

In the documents revealed, a prototype version of a biotic rifle is shown. The rifle is powerful yet it is designed for medics who play the support role in Overwatch. If used as an aggressive weapon, it could probably kill most heroes with low health levels. However, the rifle will be totally limited and can be used only to heal your teammates. The comment was made by the lead designers James Waugh, Michael Chu and Arnold Tsang. Each one of these people has an important role to play in development of heroes, weapons and to ensure it falls in place with the world the game is set in.

The information more than suggests that the upcoming hero would probably be a medic or someone in the support role. Such heroes don’t have the ability to go on a kill streak but they will make sure other players get it because of healing, supporting and helping everyone else on the team throughout the match. In the newly revealed competitive mode, such supports are the ones who decide whether the team wins or not especially during team fights.

The upcoming hero for Overwatch could also be a sniper who acts double time as a healer, medic using this large biotic rifle. It’s pure speculation but it won’t be long before Blizzard makes it official.

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