PS4 VR Game Titles And Official Box Designs Are Here

PS4 VR Game

The colonization of digital games over actual bluray discs and box arts is too high. Yet, it still is an amazing way to enjoy the game which is what Sony is going to do with its PS4 VR game titles.

The games will be launched with the usual PS4 boxes as expected but a special tag on top lets buyers know that it is a virtual reality game designed for the Playstation VR experience. The contender for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift is getting launched on October 13. With just three months to go, retailers are already buys stocking the best games for the platform so as to make it an instant hit on launch.

When Microsoft launched the Kinect motion sensor camera with their console, it was considered to be insignificant to the average gamer. It is true to a certain extent and only a couple of people could actually enjoy Kinect games. The number of titles released for the platform was very less which led to its early demise. Let’s just hope that Sony doesn’t do it for its ambitious Playstation VR project as well.

While the PC community is going for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, PS4 VR gamers have to stick with the only option they have. The new box arts revealed four different launch titles that are going to offer a completely immersive experience like never before. It is going to be the first batch while more titles are in the cards and will be released in the following months. Rigs Mechanized Combat League is one such game. Some of the box design has a picture of the Playstation VR headset on it and says “You’ll need these”.

The concept is to let buyers know that they actually need additional hardware in order to enjoy the game to its full potential. Another title is the Playstation VR Worlds which has multiple games combined into one single pack. A Playstation camera along with the VR hardware is mandatory claims the box art. These titles along with the Rush Blood and Hustle Kings VR, a billiards game has also been listed in the Best Buy website.

The Rigs, which is similar to the concept made popular by Rocket League is priced at $49.99 and the Playstation VR is available for $39.99. For budget gamers, there is a good option available from Rocksteady studios. The company has priced Batman Arkham VR at just $19.99 which should be a good pick to try virtual reality experience in a AAA title.

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