Overwatch Gets New Oasis Map on PC, PS4 and Xbox One Platforms

Overwatch Gets New Oasis Map

Blizzard has been busy with Overwatch and the Christmas event. With it done, a new Oasis map is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

The Oasis map was first revealed during the Blizzcon event and was available to play on the public beta testing program for PC gamers. After fixing all the bugs and making the gameplay perfect for intense multiplayer sessions, the developers at Blizzard are bringing to Overwatch on all platforms. Any more glitches or bugs spotted now can be reported to the team so that they can release a patch to fix it.

Overwatch New Oasis Map

The Arabian Desert themed map is easily one of the best looking releases in recent times. Overwatch is known for its cartoon like environment but it maintains the authenticity of any AAA hardcore shooting game like Call of Duty or Battlefield. The action is the same and you always keep moving forward to make sure you don’t get killed.

A couple of highlighted features are making their way into the game that might make this map extremely popular. Players get to use launchpads for the first time to gain boosted jump. While the basic idea is to make it easy to move through the map, it also leads to amplify ultimate abilities of some characters like McCree. It’s all about timing and how you make use of the jump pads as well as the environment to get a kill.

The fun continues in Overwatch Oasis map which also includes a highly sophisticated roadway set in the middle of the desert. It is filled with fast moving traffic and players who accidentally jump into them or throw in by other players will die. There is no one hit kill we assume based on the gameplay videos and you will still have a chance to escape the traffic by making use of jump pads or your abilities.

Overwatch Gets New Oasis Map

Blizzard addresses the Oasis map as a shining jewel in the desert and it is a notable addition to the list of maps Overwatch already has. The developers’ team also confirmed that they are working on new content, characters and maps. Some of them will be available in custom games while the main game is about to receive some major updates this year.

An introduction video for the map is available in here so that you can get an idea of how it looks and challenges players onboard.

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