More Samsung Galaxy X Details Emerge via New Patents – A Variable Curvature Display in the Works

Galaxy Note 8 Foldable Screen

Samsung Galaxy X is the phone that will for sure take the world by storm, pushing aside the recent Xiaomi Mi MIX that took the smartphone design to the next level with a near bezel-less display screen.

Just yesterday, reports emerged that the Samsung Galaxy X, a phone that has been in the rumors for quite some time now, has finally been given a possible launch date. According to the report, the foldable Galaxy X will be here somewhere between Q3 2017 and Q4 2017. While this does not give a specific date about when this will indeed be happening, it is a huge step in the journey towards having the first foldable display technology appearing on a smartphone.

Samsung has been filing a number of patents on foldable display technology on handheld devices. Just recently, it emerged that the tech giant was working on including top-notch security on future foldable phones while at the same time adding the ability to scroll. As for the former, things like your face, retina, and palm, as well as vein distribution will be used for authentication purposes. If this is happening, Samsung Galaxy X should be the first device to showcase how all this is going to work.

To add icing to the already sweet cake, another patent has just surfaced via Patently Mobile and apparently, Samsung Galaxy X could yet again feature another interesting design. If the new leak is to be believed, the foldable Galaxy X will come in with what the company calls a variable curvature display. Like the name suggests, this display screen technology will enable the phone to vary the bend angle of the already flexible screen to something that the user desires.

Samsung Galaxy X


The display screen can be folded into two and end up with a dual display design. Also, you can remove the fold and end up with one large display screen that can serve your gaming or TV watching needs. This is an interesting development and it gets even more interesting as it happens that this same variable curvature display screen could also appear on larger devices such as tablets, PCs, notebooks and even TVs.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that this just a patent application and nothing has materialized just yet, Patently Mobile warns. In fact, Samsung files numerous patents that never come to life, so, this could be one of those. But with the launch date of the foldable Samsung Galaxy X confirmed, it will be interesting to see what design Samsung comes up with this time.

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