Overwatch Goes Free on PS4, Xbox One and PC Next Weekend

Overwatch Free on PS4, Xbox One

The hype is real and it’s worth your time to check if it’s really true. MOBAs were extremely popular and still is, but Overwatch is the new Dota 2 and LOL that has been making news all the time.

Unlike League of Legends and Dota 2, Overwatch by Blizzard is a paid game. You can’t simply download it and start playing to buy cosmetic items at a later period. However, there are millions of gamers out there who are curious as to how this third person shooter with MOBA elements play out. Backed by one of the biggest developers, the game already had its first professional tournament and is stepping into the esports territory.


Buying a new title without knowing whether you would love it is a confusing task. Blizzard has made things easier for you by making Overwatch free for a limited time. The deal works on all platforms including PS4, Xbox One and PC. Making an announcement in their official blog post, the team confirmed that the free weekend kickstarts on November 18th next Friday and will continue till November 21st.

During this period, players will have access to all 22 heroes available in the roster and a cool set of 13 different maps will be available for you to play with. Dota is notoriously known for the only map in which players have been fighting for years while LOL has more than one but stil 13 is a huge number that only Overwatch can boast of. While the number of heroes is relatively less in the game, it is growing at a rapid pace with new heroes being introduced all the time.

A huge collection of modes will be open for players to try their skills at including weekly brawl, quick play, a list of custom games. In other words, everything a paid player gets will be available for free during this weekend offer. As with most such announcements, if you manage to play on all four days and level up the progress made during this period will be carried out if you purchase the game at the end of the free weekend.

Overwatch Free on PS4, Xbox One

All your progress will be saved in the Battle.net servers. Whenever you decide to buy Overwatch, make sure to purchase it using the same login information so that they can be ported over to the full copy. PS4 gamers need Playstation Plus membership, Xbox One guys need Gold membership while PC gamers with a free Battle.net account can download the game. Anyone can login and play without keys or codes, it’s completely open.

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