How to Score More When Playing the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

The fighting game Call of Duty: Infinity hit the shelves of retailers and also made its presence in digital format for Xbox One and PS4, as well as computers in early November 2016.

Developed by Infinity Ward, this is the latest addition to the Call of Duty series. The game reminds players of a full-fledged battlefield fueled by rivalry and equipped with scientific equipment, jet packs, advanced machinery, spaceships, laser weapons, warships and more. The game also allows users to run over walls to pass through various war-torn environments. Instead of setting up an environment representing a fight among the cities in the earth, the game sends the players to the far end of the solar system to wage battles. Like other Call of Duty games, the Infinite Warfare can be played as a single player or a multi-player game. Whichever mode players opt for, they are sure to notice that there is bound to be a lot more bloodshed than the other games. However, some players feel that although the intensity is more, there is nothing strikingly new in the game.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

How to make wise moves when playing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Continue playing the game even when you know that you are running out of weapons or are on the losing side. Stupid as it sounds, the fact is that this can actually help you in earning more XP. In turn, this will boost your player level ranking and help in gaining access to more abilities, payloads and gear for the combat rigs. XPs can also help you do a in depth study of your maps and modes. Rotate the use of your weapons. Avoid using the same weapon throughout the game. Making use of the same weapon always can result in lowering your XP value, which in turn inhibits your access to many other factors as mentioned above.

Each map and mode presents varying challenges that differ from map to map and mode to mode. Do not shirk away from them. Work on fulfilling them as and when they are encountered, and boost up both your mission team and yourself. The level can be seen on the top right corner of the screen when you commence a match. Show active participation in weapon crafting to design the weapon that best fits your need. Prototypes are the most powerful equipment that you can use to wash out your enemy.

Work your way towards earning a salvage to help in buying prototype weapons. Trade 30 keys when you have sufficient number of them available for a rare supply drop. You can also earn a salvage bonus. Dispose duplicate or unwanted gear that you have by burning or breaking them down.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Learn more about the newly introduced combat rigs. These combat rigs are of different types, with each kind having a specific task to accomplish. They must be unlocked in a specific order – warfighter, followed by merc, synaptic, FTL, stryker and phantom. A warfighter is designed for the basic functionality of shooting your opponent while you are on the run. A merc is more powerful and can help you get out of sticky situations. The synaptic is a robot that can be used for fast killing and killing at close quarters. Each time the robot does a killing, it becomes faster. Each time the player wants to make a stealthy move, the FTL character comes in handy. The stryker can cause an extensive damage to the enemy but the aim need not always be accurate. Finally, the phantom works as a sniper who works with long range weapons.

Make sure that you use the mag boots and boosters wisely. With the right combination, you can slide rapidly on the floor without slipping and run easily on vertical walls. These can lessen your chances of getting hit and create a fire in your enemy’s cap before you are knocked out. With the new game, you can use both your hands at the same time. So, now you can hurl a grenade with your left hand while you use your right hand to continue shooting. With multitasking ability, you can wipe out more of your enemy force at a time. As you make your way through various ranks, many keys start getting generated. Use them to unlock supply drops in order to procure additional skins, weapons and others. These can also be used online.

Infinite Warfare Multiplayer

Work your way towards creating a loadout. Note that for every loader created, you get 10 bonus points. In other words, you can equip each loader with 10 items that you need to fight the war. It is advisable to choose the items that you need very carefully and not make a hasty decision. Keep studying your mini map quite often to avoid landing into danger and putting your life at stake. The mini map not only gives you a layout of the battlefield, but also helps you to spot where your enemies are waiting for you. Ensure that you invest in some prototype weapons as they can be quite powerful. Supply drops can help you procure them. You can trade a duplicate supply drop or level a faction to lay your hands on these guns. These guns come in epic, legendary, rare and common types.

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