Overwatch Heroes Receive Olympic Skins And LucioBall Soccer League

Overwatch Heroes Receive Olympic Skins

Any gamer who have tried rocket league is sure to going enjoy the new Overwatch mode named the LucioBall.

The football game with its colorful map and the ability to pull a ball to you with the touch of a button is a lot like Rocket League. Instead of using cars to navigate your ball to the goal, you use Overwatch heroes. It is a 3 versus 3 mode that Blizzard has introduced in the game, just in time to celebrate the big Olympics season.

The map named Estadio das Ras is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While Olympics is a combination of so many sports, Blizzard wanted to ensure that gamers can relate to the mode they offer. If they try to introduce something like a long jump or swimming with Overwatch heroes, it may not be as fun as a fast paced soccer match.

Overwatch LucioBall Soccer League

In the particular arena, Lucios abilities will be amplified. The map is filled with jump pads and walls that add a speed boost to both teams. The time is extremely limited. Each round goes for just four minutes and the team that scores the most within this period wins the match. Lucio’s ultimate allows players to pull the ball to them irrespective of its original location. All you have to do is point and it will be in your hands in no time.

A wide variety of skins are being offered for Overwatch heroes as part of the Summer Olympics pack. The loot boxes can grant you a lot of interesting things including player icons, new victory poses, emotes, sprays and exclusive skins to use for the specific character. The developers have changed the way the original user interface looks.

As soon as you launch into the game, you will find that it features a colorful Olympic inspired main menu. The top three heroes are dressed up in their exclusive outfits which can be acquired randomly by opening the loot boxes. In their official blog, developers at Blizzard have also announced that Summer Games is now live on major platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

While things are going great, there still is no word on the next update. Some changes have been made to Ana and other heroes on Overwatch PC. It might take another two weeks for console gamers to receive it but we wish they could shorten this timespan.

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