GTA 5 Online Gets Entourage Mode And Track Creator For Stunt Racing

GTA 5 Online

Rockstar has improved the GTA 5 online mode with a new Entourage update designed to bring teams together and hook them into a joint mission.

Most online modes in GTA V including heists involve team play at its best. If you are not going to communicate with your team and give commands at the right moment, the mission can never be accomplished. The new Entourage mode is no different where the objective is to make sure a VIP throughout the city. By saying VIP, we mean a person who is a potential target and is about to be taken down if you are not too careful.

The teammates are all well-trained bodyguards, armed and the VIP is armored making it difficult for his enemies to take him down. The opposite team will compromise of real players whose only goal is to make sure the target is dead within the specified timer. Another catch in the mode is that the VIP has to inform where the attackers are, sniper spots and extraction point found on his or her radar.

GTA 5 Online Gets Entourage Mode And Track Creator For Stunt Racing

Responding to widespread allegations that female characters are missing in games, Rockstar has ensured that there is both a male and a female VIP in this new Entourage mode. The entire mode is team play where one has to rely on other so as to achieve their goal. VIPs have to constantly talk and relate information while teammates have to lookout for enemy snipers among other attacks before they manage to navigate the city.

The next update for GTA 5 online is the track creator mode using which players can create some of the best stunt arenas possible. Players can form a team and race against one another in multiple race types including GTA, Rally, Non-Contact and Standard race types.

The track creator and the way the race takes place is similar to Trackmania game but instead you get to do the same within the world of Grand Theft Auto V. Along with these launches, Rockstar has announced a bonus event. It is designed to pull all players back into the online mode. Those who take part in Entourage will get double the usual RP and GTA in-game dollars. Tattoos, clothing available within the Cunning Stunt update can be purchased with a twenty-five percent discount. GTA 5 is all set to receive bikes and bike gangs DLC but it doesn’t have a clear release date yet.

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