Overwatch Leaked Sound Files Confirm Christmas Event and New Game Mode


When a year comes to an end, it’s always a good time to be a gamer especially if you love the multiplayer first person shooter Overwatch.

Developed by Blizzard, the game has received consistent support from the developers with new maps, modes, heroes and even the free weekend play that just ended last week. Overwatch is fun and the team is working to balance it all the team. They made Symmetra more powerful than she ever was just a day ago and the character has already reached the top charts. Players have started choosing their as their offensive support of choice because the hero now has two different ultimate powers to make use of. One of them is a powerful shield that defends teammates and allows them to push forward with ease.

Overwatch Leaked Sound Files

While things are going great for Blizzard, a bunch of leaked sound files confirmed that they are working on a special Christmas event to be hosted next month. The sounds were identified by a Reddit user named Venxa which had new hero interactions, a Christmas jingle. These are obvious pointers and we do know that the team would definitely come up with something exciting this holiday season. After all, the community is active and with millions playing every day, it does need newer content and overhauls from time to time.

The sounds also confirmed that an Arena mode is coming to Overwatch. It was picked of Athena as she says “Now Entering the Arena” and uses a word “Gladiator”. The sounds are definitely not going to be used in any other mode and the obvious answer is an Arena mode. There is also an epic music clip found by the users which points to the new mode. Blizzard is known for making the most out of events every year. They made some great stuff for Halloween and with Christmas, it is going to get much bigger.


Recently, the developers launched Sombra in Overwatch. Along with the new hero, they revealed a new Arcade mode and the Ecopoint Antarctica Arena map. If you are really interested in buying the game, this should be the time as there is a cool discount on the Origin’s Edition. The game is at $35 and is easily the lowest price to get it. Free weekend confirmed that it works awesome even on low end PCs and if you plan to game on your computer, Overwatch should most probably run even with the lowest graphics card at decent frame rates.

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