Updated Telegram Version 3.14 Brings In Instant View, Sticker Packs, and More

Telegram Version 3.14

Telegram which has now become one of the most popular messaging platforms, had recently announced a couple of new features that will be released with an updated version 3.14 of its app on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Apart from the new features like Instant View and Date jump, the latest update brings along several important enhancements to the Android app so that it stays at par with its iOS counterpart. The company also launched a new blogging platform called the Telegraph, from which the posts can be shared on Telegram.

Instant View feature

telegram instant view

The first of the features that have been introduced with the latest update to Telegram is the Instant View feature that allows the users to share articles from specific websites like TechCrunch or a Medium post, which with a zero page load time can be read by the receiver. The links of the article that support this feature will have a button reading ‘Instant View’ attached to them, which when clicked will take the users to the native page, saving them data and time. As of now, only a few sites are supporting this feature. However, Telegram has mentioned in its blog post that many more sites will be adding support pretty soon, as the company’s ultimate aim is to provide Instant View pages for almost every story that is present on the Web.

The Calendar Tool

With an idea to ease up the navigation within chats, Telegram has now introduced with the latest update a new calendar tool to the app. So now, the users will have to just tap on the Search option within a chat, which will eventually lead to the Calendar tool wherein they can choose the dates to navigate inside the chats. The Jump to Date is a great tool where the users will not have to scroll through plenty of messages to go back and find for a conversation that happened a few days back. Unfortunately, this feature does not work for future dates.

New Sticker Packs

Telegram New Sticker Packs

The users will now be able to use the View Pack option to access new sticker packs. The users will just have to either long-press on a recently used sticker, which will then prompt the user with a ‘View Pack’ option that then displays the entire pack of the sticker. The iOS users can also use 3D-touch on a recent sticker and then view the complete pack.

Identifying Common Groups

The latest update also brings in a feature called the ‘Groups in Common’ which allows the users to identify all the groups that are common to them and any other particular user by just visiting their profile.

There have been times when a user needs to find a group in the chats but cannot recall the name of it apart from the fact that another contact was also a member of that group. So with the association technique that arrives with the latest update on Telegram, the user can bring back the title, if not the user can open the other contact’s profile and tap on Groups in Common to know the same.


The company has also launched Telegraph, which is an online publishing tool that allows the users to publish rich online posts with stories by adding text that can be formatted by using Markdown, embed images and photos from the computer, and also add tweets and videos from Vimeo and YouTube. All the Telegraph posts are bound to get more beautiful with the Instant View pages on the Telegram app. By using Telegraph, the users will be able to run stories on the Telegram channel just like any other mainstream media. Telegraph is probably the easiest blogging platform, where the user can start off by just adding a title and name, without having to go through the hassles of signing up an account.

Improvements to the Android Interface

Telegram Version 3.14

Apart from all these features, the new update also brings along a host of other new enhancements to the Android version so that it is on par with the iOS app of Telegram. These new features include a new slick user interface in the privacy settings which allows selecting users and creating groups apart from including shiny animations, improved speed of the camera which allows quicker clicking of photos and videos, better compression of videos, improved passcode locks, which will not be seen in the task switcher for better security purposes (which works on iOS also), a less obstructive and improvised photo viewer, better interface for notification settings, and easier editing of messages apart from adding captions to photos.

The newly updated Telegram app is currently available for download at both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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