Overwatch Loses to Uncharted 4 and Doom in US Sales Charts

Exclusive titles usually occupy the number one in sales charts for weeks to come. Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End, one of the celebrated PS4 exclusives is no different.

The game managed to beat all competition and has topped the US sale charts for the month of May. There are no weekly sale charts released by the NPD. Sony has confirmed that their exclusive title topped the charts even though plenty of other titles got released in the same month. The second position was dominated by Doom 4. A title developed by id software, the game is the first ever first person shooter which changed gaming industry in the 90s. However, it is not easy to create such groundbreaking changes in 2016 where competition is sky high.

Besides, the top developer in the company, John Carmack is no longer in the brand. He left it to join the team at Oculus to develop virtual reality games. Overwatch is the happening title which has a bit of MOBA in it combined with third person shooter and skill based combat. With a nice rooster of heroes, the title has reached places and has been going steady for many weeks now. Despite the good sales, it couldn’t top the US sales charts because games with single player campaign and a huge fanbase usually sells more than a new entrant.

Uncharted 4 and Doom

Followed by Overwatch at third place, Battleborn has occupied the fourth position. Both games share a lot of similarities but it doesn’t have such an addictive multiplayer component. Overwatch clearly has more mileage when compared to Battleborn. In terms of console sales, both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 are selling well in the United States. The console units are moving steadily increasing their player base.

In terms of revenue, Microsoft and Sony are making steady progress. But, they are losing their respective systems because the hardware is outdated and they are hardly capable of rendering titles in 1080p. In an era when PC gaming is offering 4K gaming with graphic cards made by Nvidia and AMD, consoles are supposed to catch up.

At the E3 2016 event, Sony is expected to launch the new PS4.5 console capable of offering 4K video output and better gaming experience at full HD resolution. The event takes place next week where EA will showcase Battlefield 1, Ubisoft with its Watch Dog 2 and Microsoft has some surprise announcements to make as well.

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