The Sims 4 Update Ends Gender Restrictions for More Immersion

Sims 4 update

The Sims has always tried to provide gamers with a way to be creative, freely express themselves through open gameplay and lots of customizations to imitate the contemporary world in all scopes from social- economic to financial.

This ranges from creating families to creating jobs among other activities just for the sake of immersion. Electronic Arts has added another milestone in pursuit of their objective: EA franchise has released one of the best free updates ever. The latest Sims 4 update to the life simulation video game series removes gender restrictions among other improvements.

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The development team (EA Maxis and Sims Studio) announced the new Sims 4 update that features an expanded Create A Sim mode via a blog post on June 2. The mode is refurbished to give you more control over the Sims’ physical style by adding more gender customization options that give you more ways be creative . The gender customization tab will now allow gamers to customize any Sim according to their likeness without any gender-based restrictions. Through the feature, players can create a Sim with any color, walk style and voice pitch. Besides, more than 700 sets of hairstyles, clothing and accessories that were initially available for either gender are now available for both female and male Sims. This means you can now dress a female or a male Sim without any limitations, all the power lies with you. You can even dress a male Sim in high heeled shoes, give him short or long hair or add any accessory. Sims 4 update enables you to create characters you can relate to or identify with through the powerful features that give you power over their body physique, gender, and age.

Players can as well now change a Sim’s gender whenever they feel like and designate the productivity of the created Sim. The Sims series is largely sandbox games that always give you expansive life-like possibilities. Gamers create virtual people called Sims place them in houses which they have built or not and direct their (Sims) moods and satisfy their desires.

Latest Sims 4 update is a very important update that will enlarge the involvement and relations the players feel while playing. Surely, this will be a huge step up the franchise’s objective of mimicking real life in all aspects which include important but sensitive social issues.

Besides EA will also be dropping The Sims 4 Dine Out Pack this month. The product will allow the gamers own restaurants. You will be able to control the restaurants and decorate them to your tune.

Sims 4 update

Removal of gender restrictions overshadowed other key additions

Dine Out pack is thrilling and draws much attention but not as Sims 4 update which removes gender boundaries. In fact, removal of gender restriction captured the attention of most gamers that some of the features packed in the Sims 4 update were eclipsed. Surprisingly, there were seven key changes that accompanied the Sims 4 update. If you were blindfolded and didn’t notice them, here is a recall of the other goodies which the Sims 4 update carried along.

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In the new Sims 4 update; indoor lighting has been improved – the sun and moonlight projection in the rooms through the windows now reflect brighter. Photographs are now resizable via Shift +] cheat in Build Mode. Upgraded food thumbnails which are now brighter and high definition. You can now stop the relationship bar from progressing by asking a Sim to be just a friend. There is Buy/Build Mode Attach a feature that will be really convenient when building restaurants in the forthcoming Dine Out. With Sims 4 update, Sims can now meditate and make self-discoveries for skills such as Photography, Baking, and Herbalism.

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  1. I think that if EA decides to begin work on a fifth edition of The Sims, these new gender options will likely be a feature in the game at the start. That, and they’ll likely be re-implementing the color and texture customization options we saw in The Sims 3, while keeping and improving upon the current emotion system.

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