Overwatch Open League Begins Today, $300,000 Prize Pool Confirmed

Overwatch Open League

Overwatch is slowly moving from the casual scene into the competitive scenario.

An official tournament is about to organized where the developers have managed to create a huge prize pool.

The announcement was made in the website where Overwatch players will compete for a prize pool of $300,000. Compared to games like Dota 2, League of Legends or Counter Global Offensive which are already in millions, this is a significantly low amount. However, we can’t conclude that Overwatch is small. It has every potential to grow into a big competitive title. The rooster has just 21 heroes at the moment but the world is so huge that there may be tens of new characters joining the lot.

Named as the Overwatch Open, the contest will run throughout the months until September. The grand finale will be held in Atlanta in front of a huge audience. Players who win the match will take home a huge price of $300,000 and those who manage to become runner up in the game will be awarded with a decent $32,000.


The qualifying rounds for the matches will commence this weekend. The US and the EU teams have been separated. People in their respective regions should take part in the particular matches to qualify for the main tournament. The finals will take place in Atlanta between September 25 and 29. The actual grand finale is scheduled to take place on September 30th this year.

If you and your team manage to come second place in the region finals, you will be awarded with $24,000. Those who are in the third and fourth place will receive $18,000 each. For a fairly new game like Overwatch, the prize money definitely sounds appealing. There is even a prize money of $6000 who wins eight place in the tournament.

As with the norms, the matches including the finals will be aired live on the official Overwatch Twitch channel. Overwatch Open is being organized by ELeague and FaceIt groups. The official links are available on the Blizzard website. If you have already formed your team and like to test their skills in the big league, this should be the time to go. Those who live in EU and US are the only ones who can take part at the moment unlike other games which have a big list of teams from Asian countries.

Overwatch Open might expand its horizons from next year onwards.

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