iOS 10 – Moisture Detection Feature – Loving the iPhone in the Wet Seasons

iOS 10

The latest OS from Apple, iOS 10, will be capable of protecting wet phones in a unique way.

Apple has begun the roll out of the 2nd public beta version of the iOS 10. Along with this, the company has also rolled out the 3rd developer beta version, showing a surprising feature for moisture detection.

Waterproof Features

Apple has not yet launched a waterproof device, while Android has many waterproof devices to boast about. However, the latest iOS 10 offers features of waterproofing for protecting a wet device, which even Android phones cannot boast of. This will make users love their phones even during the wet seasons

Beta Release of iOS 10

The beta release of the new iOS 10 warns the user about the moisture or the liquid that is present within the Lightning port. All users must be aware that it can be risky to charge a wet phone. It is also possible that the moisture could be present in the charging port. This could happen on account of sweat present in your pockets, the air-conditioning in the environment or due to the device getting wet during wet weather. This could lead to damage of the device.

The feature in the operating system asks the user to disconnect the phone accessory in order to enable the drying of the lightning connector. According to reports, the company has activated a new moisture sensor in the 3rd developer beta version.

iOS 10 Moisture Detection Feature

iOS 10 Alerts

The new iOS 10 is able to alert or warn the user and offer them a little time for disconnecting the lightning accessory, so that there is no damage done. The software automatically informs users to make use of the accessory only if the port and the connector are totally dry. This feature will be offered in the operating system for the latest iPhones, namely the iPhone 6s, the 6s Plus and the iPhone SE.

Waterproofing in Next Generation Phones

There are also rumors that a waterproofing feature is in the offing for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. The new series will be available to fans during the month of September this year. Along with these devices, the company will also launch the new iPad, the iOS 10 and the Apple Watch.

Valuable New Feature

Smartphones are now becoming a primary computer and users are taking it everywhere. There are smartphones used in a boardroom and also a beach. Most of the OEMs have brought in the IP68 certification to their devices and this makes the device resistant to dust and water. It is time that Apple brings in such a feature as well. Rumors regarding the next gen iPhones, dubbed as the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus, are expected to come with the water resistant feature. This will make the phones more rugged and they will be in line with phones from other companies like Samsung, which offer water resistance certifications.

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