Overwatch Play of the Game is About to be Revamped, Blizzard Says


Overwatch has its good, great and bad moments but those things don’t apply when it comes to Play of the game.

Ever since its launch, the aspect of the game has been the same with very minor tweaking.

Unlike anything Overwatch players ever seen, this particular area puts a player suddenly on the top of the fame chart and sometimes they go tumbling into abysmal. Blizzard, developers of the new hit are fully aware of the Play of the Game doesn’t reward players at times as it should. But, the updates are always in small numbers and a major overhaul is pending for a long time now.

Overwatch Play of the Game

Addressing the issue, lead hero designer at Blizzard, Geoff Goodman said, “While our team is busy tweaking the POTG whenever possible to make it better, we have never gone past the minor changes to make a Play of the Game 2.0. There is no massive revamping so far but it will be. We are super excited and has been one of the ideas we have been mulling over for a long time.”

He made the statement during the Blizzcon event. Most players simply keep running through the hallways, either securing some heroic kills or in most cases just die and feed the enemy team. They can no longer get rewarded for doing these actions, said Goodman. “We have a lot of cool ideas that we would love to work with. We wanted to tweak the camera part and maybe even introduce co-operative gameplay in Play of the Game. Sometimes, players get rewarded for an action done by someone else. So, when it’s a co-op teamplay, it doesn’t feel so annoying as it does now,” he added.

Going further into the topic, Geoff Goodman also agreed that it is not easy to bring in co-op play without taking all the practical difficulties into account. They have to decide on ways to fix the intros for each hero and decide how to credit one of them for their skilled move. At present, Play of the Game has multiple categories of skill rating systems and in co-op matches it has to be split equally rather than keep crediting just one of the player.

Blizzard Blizzcon event

“I even had an idea when heroes high five, hug or display specific animations to mark an amazing moment. It’s cool,” said an excited Goodman. We are totally excited for his suggestions that might make Overwatch more fun and addictive than it already is, especially with the Play of the Game.

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